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Mantas - Death By Metal Award winner

Death By Metal
by Alex "Killer" Watt at 11 June 2012, 8:16 PM

Years before Chuck Schuldiner was known as the "Father of Death Metal", he was simply known as Evil Chuck in an unknown extreme Metal band from Florida known as MANTAS. Now, eleven years after his passing, Relapse Records has been remastering and re-releasing all his work. They surprised us all by releasing "Death By Metal", Chuck's demo with MANTAS, the band that would soon evolve into DEATH. With "Death By Metal", you hear the pure, unadulterated aggression that Chuck brought to Metal. Their sound, unrefined. Their intensity, second to none. Years before DEATH was known as a technical and progressive juggernaut, MANTAS was the simplistic and just pure evil vehicle for Chuck to express himself.
Each track makes you want to draw a pentagram in goats blood and sacrifice a virgin. "Death By Metal" is evil personified! Chuck and Rick's raw and crunchy riffing combined with the precursor to Chuck 's soon-to-be gold standard soloing are center stage on this CD. Kam Lee's drumming can seem a bit messy, but that's just the way demos can make drums sound sometimes. Of course, "Evil Dead" is the stand out simply for the fact that it became one of DEATH's most well-known songs. "Rise Of Satan" is probably one of my favorites. It sounds like if METALLICA's "Metal Militia" and "Evil Dead" had a baby.
I love the fact that Relapse and Eric Grief (who has controlling interest in the Schuldiner estate) is keeping the legacy of Chuck Schuldiner alive with the aforementioned remasters / re-releases. While the sound quality isn't the greatest, that is to be expected with demos that are nearly 30 years old. This is most certainly a must for any DEATH fans!

4 Star Rating

1. Legion of Doom (Demo version 1)
2. Evil Dead (Demo version 1)
3. Mantas (Demo version 1)
4. Death By Metal (Demo version 1)
5. Power of Darkness (Demo version 1)
6. Legion of Doom (Demo version 2)
7. Power of Darkness (Demo version 2)
8. Death By Metal (Demo version 2)
9. Evil Dead (Demo version 2)
10. Legion of Doom (Rehearsal early 1984)
11. Mantas (Rehearsal early 1984)
12. Evil Dead (Rehearsal early 1984)
13. Death By Metal (Rehearsal early 1984)
14. Rise of Satan (Rehearsal early 1984)
Charles "Evil Chuck" Schuldiner- Guitars, vocals
Rick Rozz - Guitars
Kam Lee- Drums, vocals
Record Label: Relapse Records


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