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Mantic Ritual – Executioner (Reissue)

Mantic Ritual
Executioner (Reissue)
by Lior “Steinmetal” Stein at 10 July 2015, 8:07 PM

There has never been enough Thrash to feast them all. Many came and went, served the people with their dosage of lunatic assault and slowly faded into the dark side of oblivion with a shallow chance of ever returning again. Back in 2009, Nuclear Blast Records signed the young promising American Thrash Metal band MANTIC RITUAL. It was a foursome crew of boys poised to Thrash things up in the vein of how the American scene once knew in the mid to late 80's. "Executioner", the band’s sole album was released that year, pointing fingers of what could have been a the next talents in Thrash Metal similar to to stars such as SUICIDAL ANGELS for instance. On the other hand, future had a different set up for these guys and things didn't work out as planned. Metal Mind Productions reissued "Executioner" just recently. It is a reminder for you folks that as blast as it can be, the end unfortunately might be closer. Furthermore, this is a show of force of a band that with a little fine tuning could have been something profound.

Over and out, "Executioner" didn't leave any room for mistakes. The guys of MANTIC RITUAL were bred and fed by the 80's Metal addiction, eagerly pressing to cover both American and British grounds. Slashing their way into the blood drenched highway, crossing swords with the classic periods of METALLICA, MEGADETH and SLAYER while sinking their buzzsaw blade into the speed infested MOTORHEAD and melodic slips of IRON MAIDEN. One would argue that all the stones of the past were overturned. Probably so, as these guys appeared to have been anywhere in their journey and "Executioner" proves it quite neatly.  What I fairly liked about this album is how the band's music contained more than a singular dimension to guide them through. Though entrusting their chains by the merits of Speed Metal and roughed vocals that would assert their measure of brutal nature, there were more than as few signs of a powerful to develop. Entangling with British melodies that soared over the traditional and destructive incense of Thrash riffery, impressive exchange of soloing that did SLAYER a fine tribute, along with the diverse song arrangements that made me crave for the first two MEGADETH albums, MANTIC RITUAL had it in them to advance forward.

Probably one of the album's weaknesses that it was at times tough to keep up with the band's routine to escalate their efforts. Keeping it strictly traditional while being utterly repetitive wasn't the answer of course but the other way around has its negative effects. In addition, the Petrozza meets Hetfield and Araya vocal pattern of Dan Wetmore wasn't that convincing as in the mix he slowly ceased to command as the songs progressed. Might be due to a studio misgiving, but I guess it is too late now right?  At least his guitaring skills suggested otherwise.

I say too bad. I would have wanted to listen to more of this band gone to the burial ground of many. I got snatched by "Double The Blood", a true Thrash Metal anthem that would make the early 90's shiver with fear. There were also songs that would have long and crave for an old overdose like "Panic", "Murdered By Death", "Executioner" and "By The Cemetery". Eventually Metal lost a member that could have been something, lasted a few years and went tone death. At least this reissue will let you recollect in piece.

3 Star Rating

1. One by One
2. Executioner
3. Black Tar Sin
4. Death and Destruction
5. Murdered to Death
6. Souls
7. Panic
8. Double the Blood
9. Thrashatonement
10. By the Cemetery
11. Next Attack
Ben Mottsman - Bass
Dan Wetmore – Vocals / Guitars
Adam Haritan - Drums
Jeff Potts - Guitars
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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