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Manticora - The Black Circus Part 2 - Disclosure (CD)

The Black Circus Part 2 - Disclosure
by Grigoris Chronis at 03 June 2007, 7:19 PM

The Dannish Power Metal quintet wraps(?) up their The Black Circus concept with the release of the Disclosure second part (via the Locomotive label again). The 19th century, New England traveling circus continues its route and whoever found himself tangled in the music of H.P. Lovecraft-based concept's 'web' can feel comfort with this album, too.
2006's The Black Circus Part 1 - Letters did make a good impression, I must say. The band kept its 'dark' Euro Power Metal 'sting' and the concept was surely noteworthy. In the second part, the album sees MANTICORA following the same direction, performing with gloom and amplitude. The likes of early BLIND GUARDIAN are apparent, but the band has it's own personal identity in most of the tracklist, backed by a set of maniac musicians who do not fear mixing double bass drumming with 'obscure' keys and melancholic themes. The deeds of FALCONER may also come to mind at times, while the production fits like glove by creating an 'old times' background for some wonderful voiced - male and female - to expose lyrics themes we unfortunately are not (in details) aware of at the time of writing this review.
Lars Larsen is a very good singer, even if his throat is miles away from the typical Euro Power standards. This might be something to murmur about in the beginning but if you get familiar with the way he expresses the concept story facts you'll feel rather comfortable by his approach. Last but not least, the Prog notes included in the band's early albums seem to be long gone now, as MANTICORA has developed a more theatrical ID, I must say.
H.P. Lovecraft would listen to BLIND GUARDIAN and (little of) RHAPSODY? Would he support the MANTICORA proposal? Who knows…but if you already did it in the first part of the 'circus' series, there's no reason to avoid the second - and final? - chapter. MANTICORA's music is rather healthy; no decadence here…

3 Star Rating

Beauty Will Fade
Gypsies Dance Pt. 2
Intuneric V
Haita Di Lupi
When The Soulreapers Cry
Intuneric VI
All That Remain
Intuneric VII
Of Madness In Its Purity
Lars F. Larsen - Vocals
Kristian Larsen - Guitar
Martin Arendal - Guitar
Kasper Gram - Bass
Mads Volf - Drums
Record Label: Locomotive


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