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Manticore - Behold The Ascension Of The Execrated

Behold The Ascension Of The Execrated
by Salvador Aguinaga II at 15 April 2013, 5:02 PM

You have your own gang of rebellious friends. Each with their own interests but everyone in your party sees the country below their feet as complete rubbish. You all wish to be on a different land you can call home. MANTICORE are a trio of Americans, proud and arrogantly conservative about primitive slaughtering Death Metal. Their journey brings them to the label, Deathgasm Records, which perhaps has given them the filthiest and bone-crushing production to exhibit your ears since the whole Swede Death Metal scene all fellow Death Metal fans should be familiar with. While the Swedes give you the taste of foul rotten carcasses writhed with post-mortem human bodily fluids, the production granted amongst and lathered over “Behold the Ascension of the Execrated” leaves with a molten ghastly suffocating lone dissonance.

I strongly dislike modern production. Some are moderate but too many are intensified to the point where recoil is unsatisfying. My opinion about production is one of a kind and with that acknowledged the album I am reviewing before you might displease many but such a scratchy production adds a raw omnipresent stench to my liking. It is a cognitive dissonance between primitive and corrected modernization. In other words, it is obvious it’s a 21st century band paying homage to the old school sound. That’s quite alright because there are too many filler acts who worship the old but come off as a disintegrating relic. MANTICORE survive the swinging pendulums and tides and deliver a memorial experience of what rebellious Americans are capable of when they truly awaken separately from the rest of the puppets.

One fatal flaw I did see is such a production limits their array of approaching. They cannot possible play fast executed riffs or it will be entombed upon the caving sound. This was shown on the self-titled track. Rest assured it was the only track on the album with said problem. This probably leads the occasional reader to question, and then what’s the point of this release if it’s Death Metal but no fast riffs are available? Well, who said you need fast riffs to unleash a skin-ripping album? Sure, with speed out of the way, talent is no longer reachable, nonetheless it is strong in creativity. Catchiness was valued back in the last century and it is present here.

Riffs take a hold of its surroundings, slow but powerful and effective riffs. The bass in conjunction with the guitar lets a necrophilia-derived sociopath be comfortable in embracing his true nature by sighing a calming relief as he digs out a cadaver and skull fucks it as in a homely ritual. I apologize if I’m incorrect in this statement but vocals were by far very unique and the helping hand seemed to be a bit of a studio effect. It was very minimal but I felt a hint of distortion from natural human capabilities. Last but not least, there’s the sealing of the deal with the drummer. The Wrangler, as he decided to call himself here, is the master of planting a mine and getting his prey to fall in his clutches. Tangled in his sorcery, the trio’s combined work aim like apprentices of Satan himself. 

3 Star Rating

1. Behold the Ascension of the Execrated
2. From the Darkness Below
3. Abhorrent Baptism in the Vestal Cavity
4. Procession to Possession
5. Denying the Resurrection
6. Torn Apart by Hate
7. In Nomine Satanas (Venom cover)
8. Filth upon Filth
9. Abolished Holy Conceit
Naberius - Vocals, Guitars
Ixitichitl - Bass, Vocals
The Wrangler - Drums
Record Label: Deathgasm Records


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