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Maplerun - House On Fire (CD)

House On Fire
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 03 June 2009, 12:41 PM

This is band that actually came out of the blue and made everyone invest time and interest on them. But who are these guys anyway? Are they worth the attention they have? My humble opinion is that they do deserve it, but I also have some disagreements on some things regarding MAPLERUN. You'll see what I mean below…

The band hails from Greece and this is their first ever release. Recorded at Sierra Studio, this self financed and self produced album was released in late 2008 by the Greek label Shift Records. I think that there is nothing important to be added here, except for the fact that the band has managed to support Anneke's band AGUA DE ANNIQUE.

As I said above, I strongly believe that this quartet deserves all the attention and interest people have shown them, but the fact is that some people describe this band as a Metal one. For God's sake! MAPLERUN are NOT a Metal band. They are talented, they work really hard, but a groovy break doesn't make them Metal. Anyway…

Incorporating elements from Alternative Rock, Grunge and other kinds of modern Rock, MAPLERUN create a really interesting mixture that reminds of heavier Rock bands like STAIND, CROSSFADE, NICKELBACK and some HOOBASTANK. The band has put a lot of effort into every song, creating 14 beautiful and solid compositions full of catchy choruses and melodies that stick into your mind. There were times I caught myself singing some lyrics while walking. In this kind of music everything is kind of simple, meaning that you won't find any fast or hyper-technical shredding, drumming etc in here.

What amazed is the band's singer. This guy is kind of charismatic, since he manages to drag you into his own world while singing. If he works a bit more on the aggressive parts of his vocals he can be a damn fine Rock singer! Anyway, what I am trying to say about MAPLERUN is that if they were in a big (non Greek) label that was willing to invest money on them and help them with the production and the promotion, they would definitely sell big time! They surely got the talent, all they need is someone to trust them and help them get high!

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For You
Behind Those Walls
Fade Away
Ones We Hate
Straight To The Heart
Golden Cage
Tear Me Up
Another Day
House On Fire
Under The Sun
Looking For You
Nick - Vocals, Guitar
Orestis - Guitar
Nick - Bass
Chris - Drums
Record Label: Shift Records


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