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Marasmus - Conjuring Enormity Award winner

Conjuring Enormity
by Andrew Sifari at 24 April 2016, 12:24 PM

People will often tell you that “you can’t have it both ways”, but to me, that only really applies if you’re willing to settle. As it relates to music, some bands write good songs without the instrumental flair, while some bands write challenging music that leaves a bit to be desired in the memorability department. For the Midwest terror crew known as MARASMUS, there is no such thing as settling when it comes to Death Metal, only the most complete and total devastation they can conceive.

The Kansas City four-piece is in remarkable form on their second full-length release, “Conjuring Enormity.” The band takes the best of modern, technically inclined Death Metal, and injects it with a fresh dose of ferocity. Lyrically, its very standard Death Metal fare, as one can tell by song titles such as “Gutting the Orb” and “Mutilated Apparition,” but the band keep things fresh with their spirited and well-thought-out song-crafting abilities. We’re not talking about OBSCURA-level complexity, but its still proficient enough to dizzy the unwitting listener, especially at the breakneck pace the band maintains more-or-less throughout the album.

You can hear bits of HIDEOUS DIVINITY and HATE ETERNAL in the rabid, blast beat-laden onslaughts of songs like the title track and “Post Mortal Possession,”, songs which champion the band’s unrelenting and insidious tendencies. “Direct Demonic Influence” is another fun offering with its delightfully evil tone and chaotic, twisting riffage. The most well rounded song is probably “Infinite Torture,” a fierce, grinding offering that calls to mind classic Black Metal epics in its strange, enthralling darkness, but still kicking all sorts of ass with its instrumental muscle. It is a gripping piece of music that embodies everything that a great, modern Death Metal band can and should strive for in their craft.

The main reason I like this record so much is because, while the band definitely are going for a specific sound on “Conjuring Enormity,” their challenging attitude and the obvious care put into creating such malevolent and pummeling music keeps it from sounding like “just another Death Metal record.” Make no mistake, this is an album made by guys who are not just competent musicians, but who clearly understand what it takes to make strong, compelling Death Metal in the 21st century. While I don’t know for certain whether this is the “Death Metal Masterpiece” MARASMUS are striving towards, it’s certainly as good, if not better, than much of the work their better-known peers are producing. Highly recommended for fans of Death Metal.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Deadspeak
2. Conjuring Enormity
3. Direct Demonic Influence
4. Infinite Torture
5. Post Mortal Possession
6. Mutilated Apparition
7. Gutting The Orb
8. Beyond Death
Devon Ferrera - Vocals
Andy Nagorski - Guitar
Trynt Kelly - Drums
Brandon Culligan - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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