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Marasmus - Necrotic Overlord

Necrotic Overlord
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 03 February 2021, 11:09 AM

Death Metal isn’t’ a genre that has only one origin. In the first half of the 80’s, like in the early minutes of the Big Bang (when things were chaotic), as the bands were trying to play even more faster and brutal than the others, names as SODOM, HELLHAMMER, KREATOR, MASTER, DEATH and POSSESSED were exploring possibilities. But obviously, “Seven Churches” became the first album of the genre, and a compendium that paved the ways for future expansions. And it is one of the pillars of North American Death Metal School that has on MARAMUS a fine heir, as can be heard on “Necrotic Overload”.

Their musical work is based on the most traditional form of North American Death Metal, sharing the same DNA from the genre on their country: brutal, fast (but with some slow moments to balance things), but with some technical parts (especially on bass guitar and drums). Obviously that this format was used many times (and still is used by many), but the sextet has a personal appeal on the musical arrangements, and on its massive energy as well. One of the best features on “Necrotic Overlord”: its sound quality. The things were done in a modern way, what means the even being nasty and aggressive (as a Death Metal album must be), it’s defined in a way that all musical expression of the sextet can be understood without demanding efforts from the listeners.

The sextet offers a bone-smashing massacre on 10 songs, all of them being very good pieces of the genre. But the traditional distorted appeal of “Ectoplasmic Violation” and “Universal Deceit” (both presenting excellent guitar riffs), the massive energy flow from “Necrotic Overlord” (amazing work on bass guitar and drums) and “Voices of the Wailing Deceased” (some unusual oppressive parts appears on this one), the very good technical approach of “Carrion Ascension”, the and drilling pile-driving blow of “Pagan Orgies to Human Sacrifice” are the right ones for a first visit on their work, but as well they can rip your ears off.

As final words, MARAMUS needs to evolve a bit more. But for now, “Necrotic Overlord” is a fine example of what traditional Death Metal must be.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ectoplasmic Violation
2. Universal Deceit
3. Appeasing Thanatos
4. Necrotic Overlord
5. Voices of the Wailing Deceased
6. Archaic Burial Rites
7. Carrion Ascension
8. Insurrection
9. Pagan Orgies to Human Sacrifice
10. Forsaken Graves of Infant Kings
Devon Ferrera - Vocals
Brandon Culligan - Guitars
Andy Nagorski - Guitars
Ben Harvey - Bass
Justin Bird - Programming
Trynt Kelly - Drums
Record Label: Transcending Obscurity Records


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Edited 28 January 2023

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