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Marcelo Menne - Untold Stories

Marcelo Menne
Untold Stories
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 23 November 2014, 11:58 AM

Marcelo Menne is a musician, guitarist and composer who was born and raised in Argentina. He has released several solo CDs to date and endured many line-up changes in his quest to find a record label. “Untold Stories” contains seven tracks. “Finding Myself” is the first track.  It opens acoustically, with a distinct Latin feel to the chord progressions. As more electric instruments are introduced, it quickly becomes a faster track with plenty of shredding.  Though I realize this is a home produced CD, there is some slight intonation here and there.

“No Miras Atras” has a real folky feel with the opening strings. The melody line runs up and down note patterns. When Marcelo begins the electric solo, the track takes on a more bluesy feeling. There is a trade-off between the two as the track continues. “Mystic Paradise” is a very pleasant sounding track that gives you the feeling of sweet sublimity. The guitar passages and overall instrumentation is kept to a minimum, really allowing the melody to shine. I like the addition of keyboards and it really seems to add compliment to the overall sound. “Dancing at Sunrise” sounds exactly as the title states…a staccato acoustic guitar playing distinct notes that dance around playfully. Later it settles into some more legato notes, but remains a gentle melody overall. “Into My Soul” is a more introspective number, still with that Spanish kind of flair that seems to meld so well with instrumental guitar composition. I can feel Marcelo stretching out a bit more here and it is nice to hear.

“Without Words” is another softer song that says just enough without overdoing the instrumentation. One of the best things about good instrumental guitar writing is being able to tell a tale and impart a feeling without the use of vocals. This song is a fine example of that. Closing the album is the song “Ed Ultimo Adios.” Subtle use of piano accentuates the acoustic guitar work. Overall I found the listening experience to be enjoyable. Though I favored most of the melody lines presented on this album, sometimes they don’t connect freely in each track.  I chalk some of this up to the lack of access to professional production, but in some cases I think it could be smoothed out better.

3 Star Rating

1. Finding Myself
2. No Mires Atras
3. Mystic Paradise
4. Dancing at Sunrise
5. Into My Soul
6. Without Words
7. Ed Ultimo Adios
Marcelo Menne – Guitar, Compositions
Steve Purcell – Bass
Aaron Sklaar – Bass
Scott Mayfield – Piano
Derek Febo – Drums
Zeke Zumback- Drums
Record Label: Indepenent


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