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Marchenbilder - Flickering Truth

Flickering Truth
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 07 July 2014, 1:48 PM

Before anything I will answer the question that probably many will ask, The band name is German for "fairy tale pictures, even though that the band is from Canada, Montreal to be exact.

MARCHENBILDER are into Symphonic Metal, a genre of Metal that I never really liked, however for you that aren’t familiar with the genre just think about band like NIGHTWISH or WITHIN TEMPTATION. It does seem that MARCHENBILDER are going into the Symphonic realm much more than the bands that I mentioned before.

MARCHENBILDER’s new album Flickering Truth is their debut album, it has twelve tracks I should say eleven not considering the first track that is intro.

In first listen I found the album to be very incoherent and hard to listen to, so I gave it another shot. In the second listen it’s evident that MARCHENBILDER are musicians from the first grade, the drum sequence are amazing and truly remind me of a more progressive album. Please go to the band site to see Yanic Bercier drumming in a live show it’s a must see by all drummers. Julie Bélanger Roy, like many Symphonic Metal lead female vocalists, sings in Opera style and I can say that I found her pitch to be very nice. Guitar or riff wise, I can say that it seems that James Slainmann can play. However the guitar seems to be swallowed by all of the symphonic noise of keyboard, Cello, and sometimes Violin.

All in all I found the album to be truly nice and even relaxing. I found myself listening to the album over and over. I do hope that I will be able to see MARCHENBILDER, it seems that MARCHENBILDER is one of those bands that you like to see live and you know that they will be even better on stage.

4 Star Rating

1. Prelude
2. Märchenbilder
3. Tel'aran'rhiod
4. Awaken
5. Two Paths
6. Contemplation
7. All Roses Shall Fade
8. Premonition
9. Follow the Trail of Fear
10. Elegy
11. A Step Back in Time
12. Two Paths (Orchestral Version)
Julie Bélanger Roy - Vocals, Violin, Viola
James Slainmann – Guitars, Keys
Yanic Bercier - Drums

Additional Musicians:
Chris Gratton - Cello
Chicco Parisi Lalonde - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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