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Marcia Funebre – Marcia Funebre Award winner

Marcia Funebre
Marcia Funebre
by Jorge Zamudio at 15 July 2019, 3:02 PM

From Greece this time, comes a band called MARCIA FUNEBRE (which in Italian means, “Funeral March”; kind of curious that a Greek band chose an Italian name). From the very first song you can see the significant influence that ROTTING CHRIST has contributed to the metal world. More specifically, how that 'sound' has  become a signature for Greek extreme metal band. In case you're not familiar, it's a mid-tempo phase that slowly transcends, going up and down, but always keeping an atmosphere that is and remains very distinctive.

A storm begins while slowly an acoustic guitar sounds, then starts “All Dead Shall Be”, giving us a fast, to the point with no nonsense song. There's countless blast beats and some vocals that venture between growls and grim black metal sounds, and all forms of depravity in between.

“Warthless” is a bit more “Greek”, which means that you can hear a ROTTING sound. This  actually  makes you feel that even with all the black metal characteristics, that this track might be part of some kind of ancient ritual. Whether it is or isn't, it does it's thing without ever losing  the rawness and aggressiveness that makes it special. It's a very good song.

“(The) Human Suffering” starts slow, but after 5 seconds or more, the blasts begins to destroy your ears. The vocals here are more like a death metal of the early 90´s. Think ala OBITUARY if I must say so myself.  Again, it's a really good track. Very enjoyable.

“A Manifest to…” begins with a piano intro that's simply lovely, before evolving into a hypnotic riff. This song has amazing passages that manage to evoke winter nights, a lot of growls, and a bass that you can really hear. Yet another highlight.

“Apokalypsis” is my favorite track though. It has a grand orchestral intro that turns into pure Greek black metal, with some characteristics aforementioned here; I really fell in love with this song.

There are still 3 songs, but I will let you go into them by yourself. I've fawned over this album more than most. Based on that, it's time for you to check it out yourself. But trust me here, this is a really great band, one you probably didn't know about,  but one that you really needed.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. All Dead Shall Be
2. Warthless
3. (The) Human Suffering
4. A Manifest to…
5. Apokalypsis
6. For Victory
7. A Path to the Unknown
8. Marcia Funebre
Thanos "Somber" Dogranlis - Bass
Angelwhore - Drums
Mixalis Gk - Guitars
David Mano - Guitars
Thodoris – Vocals
Record Label: Heathen Tribes


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