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Marco De Francesco - The Wizard

Marco De Francesco
The Wizard
by YngwieViking at 03 April 2015, 12:00 AM

Since the label Lion Music adopted its new politic of publishing, now providing only in digital format, I should admit that I’m loosing track of their releases (Yes, I know…But I’m old school to the bone).

Anyway here is a brand new instrumental album entitled “The Wizard”, ten tracks of pure Melodic Metal driven by a brilliant Guitarist/Composer born in Roma, Itali in 1988… The year release of such iconic albums such as Vinnie Moore “Time Odyssey”, the first self titled by Greg Howe or the founder “Dragon Kiss” by Marty Friedman and of course the sublime Jason Becker “Perpetual Burn”… I’m a freak guitar addict, and this period was the most prolific and inspired ear for me and also for most of my axe-lover peer!

In 1998, he started to learn the delicate musical guitar art, this was the same moment when some lesser popular but still very interesting and important release were published by some very creative musicians like the monstrous “Extreme Measure” (Shrapnel Records) by Vitalij Kuprij and George Bellas or the way underrated but magnificent first album by Prashant Aswani “Revelation”.

After a few years spent studying by himself and then learning the complex artistry of composition and the arrangement craft at the ''Academy of Music” in Roma, he began as a teacher himself, occasionally collaborating with different groups and Italian artists as a session musician for live and studio projects. He is currently the lead guitarist of NEUROSPHERE (their debut work “Megantereon” was published by Revalve Records in 2013) with whom he already had the opportunity to play several shows in Europe.

He also participated in several music competitions on the web (including "Guitar Idol," the most important competition for world famous guitarists emerging) that allowed him to be known and appreciated by connoisseurs of instrumental music also outside Italy…Just like his heroes, Marco showcases a great sense of melody and combines tasteful playing with great chops and most of all, he knows how to write a catchy tune as well !

Of Course, Marco De Francesco don't reinvent the wheel or the instrumental guitar album, but his playing and his way of composing are like a breath of fresh air…My early quote and aforementioned time line benchmarks, historic albums with relativity in his own history, are first to help you realizing that our views are a little biased concerning this kind of music… The youngest players are entitled to search for another perceptions of this highly tagged style, some new perspectives are on the cards, we just have to let explore them without preconception…

Marco’s own style and sound are devoted to a Melodic goal, a real focus on how building the core of the song around its integrity and an attractive method of writing, reaching the aiming level for the highest harmonic target, and obviously still some adventurous licks.

The whole album is developed from this creative plan, an expressive step forward next to the virtuosic perspective like in the Fascinating “Nibiru” : it’s the strongest song featuring the thickest spirit among the first pieces of the album, the best exemplary of his talent, exemplary in revealing some new found intensity in the evolution of deepest feelings…The perspectives and skills are promising even if I could handle a few more stunning moments of technicality and maybe I may have craved for some more "wow factor".

On the lowest side of things, I regret a slightly too polished attitude, I would like a more subversive approach… But, I think that the guy needs to mature to reach another state of excellency and then maybe fulfill my expectations and perhaps one day his own release will have the chance to rise over the overcrowded market of guitar virtuosos.

If a new guitar revolution is on our way, it will surely takes a lot of time and work, for the newbies axe-heroes apprentices to find their new strategy in order to play the game changers and before subduing the whole community… I still think their potential isn’t full exposed anyway, I hope one day they can be as much inspiring and innovative than their older peers in the 80’s… The guitar freaks and the curious minds are welcome in this universe of sound and sensations… MDF 2 expected!

3 Star Rating

1. Nuclear Alarm
2. El Dorado
3. Supernova
4. The Wizard
5. Secrets
6. Nibiru
7. Golden Silence
8. Moon Song
9. Memories
10. Two Days After Disaster
Marco De Francesco – Lead Guitar
Alessio Brancati - Drums
Giovanni Tomassucci - Guitar
Francesco D'Errico - Bass
Record Label: Lion Music


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