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Marco Mendoza - Viva La Rock

Marco Mendoza
Viva La Rock
by Jess at 28 February 2018, 4:03 PM

MARCO MENDOZA, a United States native, is no newbie to the Rock world and with his Spanish/Mexican heritage, he brings a different spin to the average American Rock. He has spent time with WHITESNAKE, THIN LIZZY, TED NUGENT, and most recently THE DEAD DAISIES. It’s been seven years since Mendoza has released new music of his own. Through the power of Mighty Music, he is back with his latest work “Viva La Rock”. This album reflects Mendoza’s personality both on and off the stage. “Viva La Rock” comes in with ten tracks, a listening time of just over 41 minutes, and is due out March 2, 2018.

The album’s namesake and track one, “Viva La Rock”, comes roaring in typical 80’s Rock N’ Roll fashion, but with new age flare. The guitars are incredible. The solos soar, but even better is the rest of the guitar work is notable throughout the track’s entirety. This one is more of an anthem to rock; an ode to the business and to the music.

Rocket Man”, track three, is a track that could be a single release for the album. It has a more Bluesy bass. It makes it a little more of a sexy track. The guitars help to amplify that by also adjusting to a more toned-down style. While the meaning of the song isn’t exactly sexy: a mad scientist in Copenhagen, the music is indulging.

Track six, “Burned”, is another track that is kept on the lower side of Rock but doesn’t lack in decent tempo. The bass here is so thick and much more noticeable that previous tracks. It is utilized beautifully. The vocals are great. This track was when I noticed that I do actually like those vocals, for a clean less harsh style. The guitar solo is brilliant and brings the track up a bit.

Leah”, track eight, is the love ballad of the album. The music is more acoustic, the vocals are raw, and lyrics are heartbreaking in the terms of man can’t be with woman because of life, but they are in love. “Leah” is your classic 80’s love song, that will totally win the hearts of your lady friends.

The final track, “Let It Flow”, takes the album out on a fluid note. This track’s opening makes you feel like you are sitting on the beach with Soft Rock in the back ground. The track is about self-belief and finding within yourself your meaning. At about 2:30, the track hardens up quite a bit and matches more of what the album holds as a general sound. The end takes us back to the beginning, flowing lightly out to the album’s end.

MARCO MENDOZA’s “Viva La Rock” is the epitome of Hard Rock. This album will appeal to lovers of 80’s style Rock and New Age Rock. It has a little bit for everyone. It is not a super heavy release but when you want something new to spend an hour out of your head space, this is a good one to pick.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Viva La Rock
2. Sue Is On The Run
3. Rocket Man
4. Sweetest Emotions
5. Chinatown (Feat. Mike Tramp)
6. Burned
7. Love 2 U
8. Leah
9. Hey Baby
10. Let It Flow
Marco Mendoza – Vocals and Bass
Soren Andersen – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Morten Hellborn - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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