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Mare Cognitum – An Extraconscious Lucidity

Mare Cognitum
An Extraconscious Lucidity
by Craig "Thrasher" Rider at 27 September 2015, 3:34 PM

MARE COGNITUM is a one-man band performed by – Jacob Buczarski. On his own, he performs a 50 minute Black Metal classic - “An Extraconscious Lucidity”. Jacob Buczarski is from Santa Ana, California; and has created a fairly extensive discography since creation – 2011.The Sea Which Has Become Known” released in 2011, “An Extraconscious Lucidity” in 2012 and “Phobos Monolith” in 2014. I get to listen to, and review “An Extraconscious Lucidity” which I thoroughly enjoyed. “An Extraconscious Lucidity” starts off very slowly with the 10+ minute long “Collapse Into Essence” and melodically almost making me think, the “depressive” side of Black Metal comes in but I do not think so. I find it's more to do with it being atmospheric Black Metal instead; so it's bound to have that “slow” effect on you. Lyrical themes are based on cosmic mysticism, space and darkness – so that would explain more things on the”depressive” feel I got; but I still do not fully understand the “depressive” side of that genre so, I don't think I'll go deeper into that topic.

Musically, “An Extraconscious Lucidity” has some fabulous moments including atmospheric riffs, typical Black Metal vocals – screams, yelling growls, etc.; which coincides with the album entirely, and sounds fantastic - some very fast and hard pounding drums – it's hard to imagine one man perform with this intensity. The atmosphere I felt is probably the pinpoint of this album… Lasting 50 minutes long, roughly; through 6 tracks – Jacob Buczarski should get more recognition for this incredible feat.

In his prime already, this second full length album in MARE COGNITUM's discography; in its own right, feels like masterpiece material. When I entered “Pyre Of Ascendance's” realm – the crushing force of Black Metal began in a not-so-long (as the previous song) musical brute - so there is definitely something for everyone who is simply looking for a new discovery or whatnot. “Pyre Of Ascendance” introduces Jacob's fine talent with his guitar and drums skills. The crushing force explodes here, while keeping the outer-sphere - atmosphere in check. Proceeding into “Degenerancy Pressure” this, again brought down the tone a little, surprising me by bringing back the intensity “Pyre Of Ascendance” had, the hard drums I was talking about earlier? Make their debut here, it's such a fine touch. “Jacob's” vocals carry on more deeply, including some fine riffs to boot. Half way in, I feel this is a masterpiece already.

“Nascency” had me laughing as my friend's band SCYLLA from Ireland has the same album name and song, and both bands reminded me of each other, having such incredible similarities. This one however, is a lot more slowed down but keeps that inner “pound” within; and the atmosphere of cosmic mysticism just gets stronger.

Nearing the ending, the space materialism is very-well noticed. But enough chit-chat, as I feel like I am repeating myself… If I was to conclude the album now, which I will… I would have to say that all one-man projects I have reviewed so far, are usually my most enjoyed listens in my review career so far; the talent these artists provide are nothing but extraordinary for me to comprehend when I see “one-man” project. MARE COGNITUM's.

5 Star Rating

1. Collapse Into Essence
2. Pyre Of Ascendance
3. Degenerancy Pressure
4. Nascency
5. Ergosphere
6. Pulses In Extraconscious Lucidity
Jacob Buczarski – Everything
Record Label: I, Voidhanger Records


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Edited 06 December 2022

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