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Margin - Psychedelic Teatime

Psychedelic Teatime
by Gil Lecht at 15 January 2015, 10:24 AM

MARGIN is a psychedelic progressive rock studio project of Berlinian multi-instrumentalist Lutz Meinert - founded on 2012. Lutz Meinert has been throughout the late seventies up to the early two thousands in several Berlinian Progressive rock bands - notable is progressive rock project FOR YOUR PLEASURE - with Georgios Zikidis - with releases like “Scattered Pages” and “Timeless”. Outside of music - Lutz is also known by his other occupations - among them are Visual Arts - specifically are his galleries of Abstract “Paintings” made digitally. Huh, finally I can make my knowledge of my high-school art studies into use.

Starting this album and sitting back - I could swear that I found a Pink Floyd record that was hidden from everybody’s ears for fifty years. But yet - Luts Meinert was able to create a new pre-”The Dark Side of the Moon”-esque album without being it being too much Pink Floyd. “A Mysterious Cup of Tea” fronts the album - being just shy of 24 minutes - it is divided to five parts. Its gives a good imprint of its “Meddle” influenced vibe with some taste of jazz in the stew. Tracks “Psychedelic Underground - the Short Trip” and “Psychedelic Underground - the Long Trip” remind me of the old, comforting vibe of British Prog-Rock - being light, happy, bouncy, atmospheric - even poppy. “Landscapes of the Sun” is a definite homage to “A Saucerful of Secrets” - Builds up from its intro with the vibraphone and the acoustic guitar to a big and beautiful psychedelic trip. “Last Exit to Pluto” start like an eerie soundtrack to a noir film that build up slowly throughout its length to a more aggressive yet fusionistic jazz ending.

Throughout the album you can hear that this album has its focus on Lutz’s main tools of his profession - the drums and the keyboards - Even though the guitars and bass have plenty of moments to shine, they serve only a role of support to the overall theme.

In conclusion - the quality of Lutz’s musicality and production compliment the record and make it a very fun and pleasant album to listen to. Maybe it doesn’t cover any new grounds, but I don’t think it was the purpose either - this album aims a certain direction and it successfully strikes it’s goals. If you want a psychedelic record to take you off your feet on a nostalgic journey - be sure to pick up “Psychedelic Teatime”.

4 Star Rating

1. A Mysterious Cup of Tea - Part 1
2. A Mysterious Cup of Tea - Part 2
3. A Mysterious Cup of Tea - Part 3
4. A Mysterious Cup of Tea - Part 4
5. A Mysterious Cup of Tea - Part 5
6. Psychedelic Underground - the Long Trip
7. Landscapes on the Sky
8. Last Exit to Pluto
9. Psychedelic Underground - the Long Trip
Lutz Meinert - Vocals, All Instruments
Carola Meinert - Vocals on "Psychedelic Underground" and "Landscapes on the Sky"
Arne Spekat - Acoustic Guitars on "A Mysterious Cup of Tea" and "Landscapes on the Sky"
Record Label: Madvedge Records


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