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Marilyn Manson - Genesis Of The Devil (CD)

Marilyn Manson
Genesis Of The Devil
by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 20 March 2001, 12:02 AM

First of all I don't believe that this album deserves to be here. However this is my opportunity to say how much I hate this guy! His image sucks big time! I mean you can see that he is pretending! He is definitely not himself. The stupid thing is that some people believe him! Did I say some? Well, I should say MANY! What made me really angry is that Sam Son Of Man is a cover on the glorious song of Black Sabbath Iron Man. Mr. Manson took the original song and changed the lyrics and the title. This thing for me is unholy, blasphemy. OK, take the song but why the hell you changed the lyrics and stuff. However I have to say that I like the way they cover the music. It's not that bad.
Anyway I'll put my anger aside. Except from this cover you can see that there are a few live songs ( I don't care from which of his records) an interview and some other tracks. As I saw on the back cover of the CD, it includes material from the home movie Demystifying The Devil. I don't know about this movie and I don't care to learn anything about it. On the interview you can hear his sissy annoying voice but I think that he gives some good answers to some questions. Yeah, he is a VERY intelligent man no doubt. The live songs have terrible quality of sound. Bootleg-like I could say. The other tracks ( I don't know if they are new or old) are bad too, not heavy at all ( he has some heavy stuff ) and maybe they are from the movie so that's why they are not hard and heavy at all. I guess if you are already a fan of Marylin Manson you'll like this stuff.
PS I want to dedicate The Great Pretender by Freddie Mercury to Mr./Mrs. Marylin Manson.
PS Is it true that he can give a blowjob to himself? I mean, if he can why the hell he's trying to sing while he can do other things better?

1 Star Rating

Sam Son Of Man
Strange Same Dogma
White Knuckles
Interview With The Devil
White Trash ( live )
My Monkey ( live )
Misery Machine ( live )
Lunch Box
Misery Machine
Record Label: Church Of The Perverted


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