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Marionette - Enemies (CD)

by Dimitris Karametros at 12 October 2009, 1:11 PM

I am not much of a believer, I have more or less the everyday deific contact an average person has, praying for the simple things in life, money, women, fast cars, vacations with top models, meeting the perfect girl and her best friend…Not that I get any feedback from God, but a man's got to try and hope. I also pray for something else, more important, something like this please, oh, God or Goddess of Heavy Metal, give us NEW bands that have the will to play good music and know how to play good music. Well I same times fell that this kind of prayer actually gets through.

MARIONETTE is a Swedish melodic Death Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden that formed in 2005; Enemies is their second full length album, following Spite that came out in 2008. Enemies reveals that MARIONETTE, although young, are very good students of the scenes forerunners, they bring to mind many bands of similar music style such as CRADLE OF FILTH, but they have something that is missing from the antediluvians of the genre; they are young and full of angry energy that fuels their music, they also play reckless and that makes them even better. Listening to them one can fell that they really care to play, with all their youthful energy, anger, passion.
A problem Enemies has is that the listener is taken through many musical styles too quickly, not a really bad thing when the band plays good and can balance the styles not sounding chaotic, but they have to take a firm grasp to what they want to play, since they can because MARIONNETE play good music.

Vocals vary between high pitches and low growls, they are clear and you can also follow them lyrically, without trying to decipher if the singer sings or regurgitates his launch. Guitars play very good; both guitarists know their place in the album, aggressive riffs and melodic moments that last just enough to put you in the mood of the album and not overwhelm you with their abilities. Drums are working like a pacemaker, and combined with the melodic moments where the keyboards come in they give an epic feeling. Check out Stench Of The Herd, The Lie and Your Hands.

MARIONETTE, is a pleasant surprise, although I had many lately from new bands. Genre fans should definitely look out for them, I definitely will.

3 Star Rating

The Swine
The Silver Spoon
Stench Of The Herd
The Slaughter
The Lie
Your Hands
Through Veils
The Truth
Axel Widen - Vocals
Mikael Medin - Bass
Anton Modig - Guitar
Aron Parmerud - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Linus Johansson - Keyboard
Jimmy Olausson - Drums
Record Label: Listenable Records


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