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Mark Morton – Anesthetic

Mark Morton
by Brian "Metal" Morton at 27 April 2019, 9:20 PM

LAMB OF GOD’S Mark Morton has released his first solo album “Anesthetic”. The album has a ton of guest vocalists as well as many bassists and drummers. The main guests people will probably know right off hand are Chester Bennington, Alyssa White-Gluz, Jacoby Shaddix and many more. The first single “The Truth is Dead” was released on December 18th 2018. So far the album has been getting great reviews, especially the song “Cross Off” with the late Chester Bennington.

In my opinion the album is mediocre at best. I have trouble trying to figure out where the album is supposed to lead. On one track it sounds like Heavy Metal and the next it’s Groove Metal. I think what my main problem is, is that I am a LAMB OF GOD fan and was expecting something a little heavier. The instruments are great and a few of the vocalists kill it, but the rest left me bored. I have nothing against Heavy Metal or Groove Metal at all, but I feel like there was something missing from the album. I feel that it would be best if I only talked about the songs I did like, and let you all listen to the rest and make your own opinions.

The first song I enjoyed was “Cross Off” with Chester Bennington. It was definitely nice to hear his voice on something after his tragic ending. The song is pretty heavy and Chester really threw down on the track. Mark Morton as always did a great job on the Guitars. Another song I enjoyed was “Axis” with Mark Lanegin from the band SCREAMING TREES. It’s definitely an Alternative Rock song, but it was pretty good for what it is.

“The Never” was another good one with Chuck Billy from TESTAMENT and Jake Oni from the band ONI. It is by far one of the heaviest songs on the album, and you can’t go wrong with TESTAMENT ever. I was really pleased with this addition to the album. “Save Defiance” with ALTER BRIDGE’s vocalist Myles Kennedy was actually pretty good. This sounded like a slightly heavier song that Myles would have written. The last song I want to bring up is the last song “The Truth is Dead” which features Randy Blythe from LAMB OF GOD and Alyssa White – Gluz from ARCHENEMY. The song is by far the best song on the album and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. You have Alyssa doing cleans and Randy doing what he does best. All in all the album was decent, I just think that I was expecting too much.

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 6
Originality: 7
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Cross Off
2. Sworn Apart
3. Axis
4. The Never
5. Save Defiance
6. Blur
7. Back from the Dead
8. Reveal
9. Imaginary Days
10. Truth is Dead
Mark Morton – Guitars
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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