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Maroon - The Cold Heart Of The Sun (CD)

The Cold Heart Of The Sun
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 09 February 2008, 4:25 PM

Ok, that's enough. Why do I have to be the one that reviews every single shitty Metalcore release? And why does Century Media try to reach the stupidity of Metal Blade with signing every single Metalcore band out there? When is this madness gonna stop? When will TESTAMENT release their new album?

You already know that I am not going to spend much time on reviewing such a release. Especially when their biography says stuff like there is no other German Metal band that has been as active as these guys over here. Anyway, there is no point in saying what these guys have released and with which bands they have shared the stage.

A few words about this thing called The Cold Heart Of The Sun. An album full of low tuned shredding guitars that fill the songs with down tempo catchy riffing, as well as fast and furious melodic leads, vocals that are exactly the same in almost every Metalcore release (use a different distortion guys!) and extreme drumming. So fucking what?! Yeah, I know that there are plenty of people (or should I say kids?) that listen to his kind of music, but if you are so desperate and you want to listen to some Metalcore, better listen to UNEARTH or something.

The lyrics are one more thing that irritates me, since I was always against whiny songs that are filled with disappointment and melancholy. How can you combine brutality with lyrics about self-isolation, love and despair? Please be more serious people!

2 Star Rating

\[Reach] The Sun
Only The Sleeper Left The World
Steelbath Your Heart
My Funeral Song
Black Halo!
The Cold Heart Of The Sun
For Those Unseen
As Truth Becomes Vain
The Iron Council
Fear The Most Them Who Protect
Some Goodbyes Are Farewells
Andre Moraweck - Vocals
Sebastian Grund - Guitar
Sebastian Riechtor Rieche - Guitar
Tom-Eric Moraweck - Bass
Nick Wachsmuth - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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