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Mars Red Sky - The Task Eternal

Mars Red Sky
The Task Eternal
by Marco Angileri at 14 October 2019, 11:33 AM

This is the fourth album for the Bordeaux-based trio MARS RED SKY, after “Mars red sky” (2011), “Stranded in Arcadia” (2014) and “Apex III, praise for the burning soul” (2017). “The task eternal” is quite a complex album, where stoner and doom sounds meet hypnotizing and psychedelic atmospheres, sometimes almost ethereal. Most of the tracks are based on the dark atmosphere that it is created, supported by the harmonic voices of Julien Pras and Jimmy Kinast.

The opening “The providing grounds” more or less defines the sound of this “Task eternal”: slow and heavy guitars with psychedelic effect, repeated endlessly, with the ethereal harmonic voices of Pras and Kinast. The hypnotic riffing is even more present, if possible, in “Recast”, where it is repeated till exasperation. “Crazy heart” is maybe my favorite, with the heavy and doomy musical background and the harmonic and delicate vocals taking the scene, with a nice bluesy touch, while instead “Hollow king” is one of the most solid episodes in this “The task eternal”.

The instrumental “Far cry” is closing the album with style, with delicate acoustic guitars and, in general a song that deviates quite sharply from the common. As said, this “The task eternal” is not an easy album; at the first listening, my first reaction was something like nothing interesting. But, actually I listened to it more attentively and I came to realize the complexity and the interesting as well as successful mix between doomy sonority and ethereal and melodic voices. However, after some listening, in my opinion, I found the album quite boring, because most riffs are repeated till nausea (see for example the aforementioned “Recast”), and as well I find some composition really similar to each other.

As a final note: I still like it, actually I think that some episodes are brilliant, as well this intriguing mix between doomy guitars and “light” vocals, but I try not digest the album as a whole but maybe to sip it.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. The Providing Grounds
2. Collector
3. Recast
4. Reacts
5. Crazy Heart
6. Hollow King
7. Soldier on
8. A far Cry
Julien Pras – Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Kinast – Bass, Vocals
Mathieu “Matgaz” Gazeau - Drums
Record Label: Listenable Records


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