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Marta Gabriel - Metal Queens Award winner

Marta Gabriel
Metal Queens
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 29 July 2021, 7:58 AM

Since the early ages of Metal, the strong presence of female players in bands is seen. So before any chauvinist comment from some Metalheads locked up in the past, remember the names of Lee Aaron, Lita Ford, Esther “Jinx” Dawson, our beloved Metal Queen Doro Pesch, Angela Gossow, Cadaveria, Prika Amaral, Fernanda Lira and many other female icons that proofed that no matter if you’re a man or a woman, Metal is for everyone. And “Metal Queens”, this solo album from Marta Gabriel (guitarist/vocalist of CRYSTAL VIPER) pay tributes to our beloved female warriors.

This tribute remembers some great song from female idols that helped to construct the figure that women are able to play and create great songs (and that they’re not only sexual objects). And the selection of songs chosen is from names that are known and important into underground scene, as Kate de Lombaert, Lee Aaron, Leather Leone, Maryann Scandiffio, Ann Boleyn, Doro Pesch, Wendy O’ Williams and other queens, but here, Marta uses a personal approach on these rereading, so be prepared for a mix of melodies and energy that is really amazing. The sonority used on “Metal Queens” is really very good, clean and defined, allowing the listeners to understand what’s being played, and the choice for better instrumental tunes turned things even better. It’s a very good work done by Bart Gabriel (production, mastering) and Cederick Forsberg (mixing).

As the reader can have in mind, the songs presented on the album are classics that the time didn’t erode, but not the hits from the bands (as an example, a better choice in this directions could be “Black Car” for ACID, and “Hellbound” or “Fight for Rock” for WARLOCK), but maybe the intention was other. But this doesn’t mean that “Max Overload” (of ACID, that gained a strong energy), the hymn “Metal Queen” (this should show the reason for the great respect inspired by Lee Aaron’s name, and what amazing guitars and backing vocals), the amazing hooks of “Call of the Wild” (an old song of BLACKLACE, a strong name in the 80’s that deserved to be better known), the charming work done on “Light in the Dark” of CHASTAIN and “Rebel Ladies” of ZED YAGO, the massive weight shown on the melodies of “My Angel” of ROCK GODDESS (a name that be deeply respected into the scene), the nasty mix between aggressiveness and melodies shown on “Goin’ Wild” (this is a song that can show why the name of WENDY O’ WILLIAMS is remembered with honor) and “Mr. Gold” (WARLOCK is a cornerstone for the female Metal musicians, and this version is amazing) aren’t great songs, and that these versions aren’t good. It’s the opposite: they’re excellent!

Marta Gabriel really deserves applause for this attitude, and thank you for making “Metal Queens” a great album, and a remembrance for the importance of the women in Metal scenes. And chauvinists…just disappear out of the scene!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Max Overload
2. Metal Queen
3. Call of the Wild
4. Light in the Dark
5. Rebel Ladies
6. My Angel
7. Count Your Blessings
8. Goin’ Wild
9. Bad Attitude
10. Reencarnacion
11. Mr. Gold
Marta Gabriel - Vocals, Bass
Eric Juris - Guitars
Cederick Forsberg - Drums
Record Label: Listenable Records


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