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Martriden - The Unsettling Dark (CD)

The Unsettling Dark
by Yiannis Doukas at 22 April 2008, 3:21 PM

Although MARTRIDEN are hailing from USA, they have clear and obvious musical references from European bands. They were formed in 2005 and the first 'discography' presentation was the mini album that had the band's name as a title, which was released around September of 2006. Candlelight Records looks like they were impressed by the band's music and in this year we have the debut album, The Unsettling Dark.
A debut album that unfortunately doesn't have anything special to give. The Americans follow paths from Black Metal, having ultra-melodic and pleasant (I would say) moments that neutralize or bring eviction into nowhere for any Black Metal feelings could be behind. It's a fact that songs like the two parts of Ascension could be a soundtrack to these Mexican series where the drama and the tragedy is present behind situations like the female protagonist, although pregnant with a rich landowner, is in love with a worker that digs there. So you have to forget anything into Black Metal, except if you believe that the last EMPEROR album has anything to do with this music.
Inside The Unsettling Dark you will meet also many 'modern' Death Metal references that focus mostly into bands from Sweden and - more specific - bands like DARK TRANQUILLITY or the more straight and well-swallowed parts of OPETH. Put also the EMPEROR 'thing' I mentioned before or the recent works of BEHEMOTH and you have a nice idea of what we are talking about. The compositions do not have any special parts or something that can create a clear image, the vocals are so trite that turn to be boring while some nice riffing is evaporating and is disappearing inside all this mediocrity. The key parts also are not verifying their existence and are incapable even to bring a basic background atmosphere for the music's structure.
I hope for a better work in the future albums, at least decent because the only thing that is really good here is the cover.

2 Star Rating

The Enigma Of Fate
The Calling
Ascension Part 1
Ascension Part 2
Processional For The Hellfire Chariot
The Unsettling Dark
A Season In Hell
Immaculate Perception
Michael Cook - Vocals
Kyle Howard - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Shane Howard - Guitar, Vocals
Will Thackeray - Guitar, Vocals
Chad Baumgardner - Bass
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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