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Martyr - Planet Metalhead Award winner

Planet Metalhead
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 March 2022, 2:42 PM

The construction of a Metal genre isn’t something that follows a ‘path’. It’s just something that musicians build using their own personality by gathering their musical backgrounds and playing in the way they want in a band. It’s obvious that such words can depict a simple thing, but nothing different of that is behind what NWOBHM, Bay Area and NY Thrash Metal scenes, Florida and Sweden Death Metal, and all those scenes you know. And the European scene of the 80’s had a strong influence from Belgium and Netherlands as well (even if you don’t know this fact). And although the name of MARTYR (a Dutch quintet from Utrecht) isn’t familiar to many fans, they’re here again, back with their fifth album, “Planet Metalhead”.

In the core of the band’s music is a strong influence from 70’s Heavy Metal and Hard Rock blend, with clear influences of JUDAS PRIEST (for those who don’t know, the band was extremely important to ignite the European early waves of Metal movements of the 80’s) due the energy, ACCEPT, and others. It balances in an excellent way aggressiveness and melodies, with a personal touch that shows to the fans from where many forms of Heavy/Power Metal have their roots. And it’s really great to hear such form of music today. The sonority is very good. The band understands that the 80’s are gone, so they fit their musical work to a modern and defined sound quality that allows their songs to be expresses in a very good way. But of course things keep the ‘trademark’ tunes of the past to show the organic feeling of their music.

These 10 songs are full of energy, and for older fans is a delight (and even for the younger fans, because good music has no limits). But for a first time on the album, “Raise Your Horns, Unite!” (with its catchy melodies and great chorus, and filled with very good vocals and backing vocals), “Demon Hammer” (excellent rhythmic parts from bass guitar and drums, with some moments where some influences from newer Metal genres appears), “Children of the Night” (an aggressive song that approaches their song from North American Power/Thrash Metal of the 80’s, again with excellent parts from bass guitar and drums), “Fire of Rebellions” (the rhythm slows down, and what great guitar riffs and solos), “Metal Overdrive” (if you want energy that can destroy the speakers, this is the right song), and “Church of Steel” are the best ones (but on the second time, the full album will become an addiction).

With “Planet Metalhead”, the band shows that still has a lot to offer to Metalheads. So give yourself a chance and dive into the music that MARTYR offers to you. It’s an album made by Metalheads for Metalheads!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Raise Your Horns, Unite!
2. Demon Hammer
3. Children of the Night
4. Fire of Rebellions
5. No Time for Goodbyes
6. Metal Overdrive
7. La Diabla!
8. Diary of a Sinner
9. Church of Steel
10. Wings in a Darkened Soul
Rop van Haren - Vocals
Rick Bouwman - Guitars
Geoffrey Maas - Guitars
Vinnie Wassink - Bass
Rick Valcon - Drums
Record Label: Pt78 Records


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