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Martyrium - Destiny Wore A Bondage Mask

Destiny Wore A Bondage Mask
by Sebastien “Bass” Parent at 05 April 2016, 7:41 PM

Good day Metal-Temple. Today I’m listening to “Destiny Wore A Bondage Mask”, the new album from MARTYRIUM. This Black Metal band formed in 1999, is giving us their 4th full-length album since their debut. I have to say it is a solid piece but not sure it will break anything.

The charisma of Vanja is noticeable, her deep guttural voice is reminiscent of Alyssa White-Gluz. At first glance you wouldn’t think she can create this kind of sound with her voice. It is surprising, to say the least. The guitar rhythm is relentless and very melodic at the same time. Their definition of genre as Melodic Black Metal is spot on.

After a short intro, the album blast right away into “Oraculum Strigoi”, it seems a bit chaotic at the start, but the melody is undeniable. You are assaulted by riffs throughout this album really. The power of their guitars is set in front from start to finish.

“The Sacrament” is probably the slowest song of the album, but it still packs a punch. The solos of guitar are methodical in this one. This is one of the best pieces of musicianship from MARTYRIUM.

In “Where no Shadows Cast the Fire Light” we can hear the clear voice of Vanja for a small section of the song. She definitely has many talents. The guitars steps back in “Inside the Confessional” for a more bass oriented sound, it is a nice change from the relentlessness of the first 5 songs. This is exactly what you want, a certain evolution through the album to keep the fans interested.

“A Seance for the Forgotten Realm” is mainly an interlude in the middle of the album. This instrumental slow atmospheric song is a great way to reset the beat by introducing “Nyctophilia”. The band made a significant effort to introduce a progression from one song to the other.

The last 5 songs of the album are split into 2 groups. The first would be the fast pace and relentless guitar riffs which are: “Angelus Mortem”, “Necropendulum” and “Masters of Gor”. All three songs feature both clear and guttural vocals and masterful guitar riffs. In between each of those songs come the other group: “Filth to Filth” and “Demonica Saint” are two slower pace piece with some electronic sound that I found a bit weird. It didn’t kill the songs, but it did feel out of place in this Black Metal album.

This band has a lot to offer, the fans will find their fill for sure. Fans of Black Metal, this is definitely for you. The look and charisma of Vanja is perfect for the band. I’m not entirely sure this album will stand out really from your Metal collection, but it is worth listening a few times for sure.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Through Masochistic Submission of Confinement
2. Oraculum Strigoi
3. The Sacrament
4. Night Penetrated Mare
5. Where no Shadows Cast the Fire Light
6. Inside the Confessional
7. A Seance for the Forgotten Realm
8. Nyctophilia
9. Angelus Mortem
10. Filth to Filth
11. Necropendulum
12. Demonica Saint
13. Masters of Gor
Count Mortem – Guitars
Úmarth – Keyboards
Sherath – Guitars
Vanja Obscure – Vocals
Sandmist – Bass 
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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