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MartyriuM - Lamia Satanica Award winner

Lamia Satanica
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 22 April 2021, 10:20 AM

A question: if you’re full of hearing the latest releases of your favorite bands, that aren’t satisfying you all as they did in the past, why don’t you all take a look on the underground bands? This question can help you to move from dissatisfaction to a joyful search, and you’ll find many more that you’re searching, and something can really satisfy your needs. And maybe for those that are looking for something good into Symphonic Black Metal must take a hearing to “Lamia Satanica”, the latest release from MARTYRIUM, from Malta.

As mentioned above, the band focus their energy on creating a personal form of Symphonic Black Metal that combines the Gothic passionate feeling that CRADLE OF FILTH expresses with a the darkened/melodic ambiences created by DIMMU BORGIR on “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant” era, along some Death/Black Metal influences on the fast and brutal moments. But look: the word ‘personal’ isn’t above for nothing, because the maturity shown by the band during the entire album is amazing, like their binding energy and fine contrasts (adorned by charming orchestrations from the keyboards). Yes, it’s really an amazing album, indeed, and it’s extremely easy to be understood and assimilated!

The band produced the album, having the hands of Oliver M Grech taking care of the mixing and mastering. But they reached a high level sonority that combines brutality with a clean aesthetics (that allows the listeners to understand the melodies and instrumental arrangements). But there’s a crude touch in evidence, to improve the aggressiveness of their songs.

The album is united, homogeneous, and shows the experience that the years gave them. But for the ones that aren’t introduced to their music, “Sacred Book of Baal” (a song full of contrasts between fast and brutal parts with slower moments, and with precious parts from the guitars and keyboards), “Starless Opacity” (a song with tempos aren’t as extreme as the previous song, but with an excellent diversity on the rhythms created by bass guitar and drums, and what lovely orchestrations once more), “Emanation of Souls” and “Curse of Salvation” (a climatic and somber song, where the vocals are amazing on its shrieks and grunts, with some Oriental melodies and Gothic choirs on the second one), “Venom Divine” (brutal and full of excellent instrumental arrangements, but the richness of the keyboards parts is really amazing), and the Gothic/Baroque contrasts of “Betrothed to Damnation” will make you become a fan, an addicted, a follower of the band.

Yes, MARTYRIUM is really an amazing band, and for the musical level shown on “Lamia Satanica”, they’re really on the right path to become a leading force in Symphonic Black Metal, and maybe in extreme Metal. Oh, don’t you believe in these words? Tell yourself to listen to it.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

5 Star Rating

1. Intro - In Somnium Mortuum Filii
2. Sacred Book of Baal
3. Starless Opacity
4. End of My Realm
5. Emanation of Souls
6. Curse of Salvation
7. Order of the Fly
8. A Stain on Hera’s Throne
9. Venom Divine
10. Betrothed to Damnation
Sandra Misanthrope - Vocals
Count Mortem - Guitars
Úmarth - Keyboards
Sandmist - Bass
Andrea Pro - Drums
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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