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Marvel - At The Sunshine Factory

At The Sunshine Factory
by Stew Metallion Taylor at 22 August 2017, 1:45 PM

“At The Sunshine Factory” is out in October 2017 by MARVEL. This is a self-produced album recorded by the band at studio Solskensfabriken in their home country of Sweden. Their first since their mini-album called “The Hills Have Eyes” was released in Europe in 2015 and the States in July 2017. This is the bands seventh album after starting out in 2002. Their style is Classic Rock in a 70’s vein but with a modern twist. Think TURBONEGRO mixed with a bit of KISS and you are almost there. I say almost, as this band have their own style added and their songwriting has always been individual and of a high quality. I’d describe it as feel good Rock’n’Roll.

The album starts with acoustic strumming on “A Killing View” before kicking into a rocking groove, tambourine rattling verses and ripping guitars. A good energetic start. “Good Luck Sandy” is the pre-album release track and is a bright and breezy ditty and a possible single. A stand out track includes “Hearts and Balls”. This has those KISS sounds coming to the fore and a slight nod to CHEAP TRICK with those 70’s classic rock riffs and warm guitars. “Monsters Grow In The Dark” is a heavier track with a Metal sounding riff. This has a more spoken-word vocal delivery and reminded me a bit of the band GHOST. Also, with its more avant-garde sound there is a touch of BLUE OYSTER CULT in there too. “Step Closer” is an acoustic guitar and percussion driven song with a darker lyric compared to all the upbeat tracks we are used too.

“All Over The News” is another stand out track. There are great vocals in this with driving guitars, nice breakdowns and bass lines. “Live and Learn” is a great pounding riff with acoustic guitars coming in making the sound more layered on this track. This would make a great single with the chorus and riffing combining perfectly for a catchy result. This is one of those Rock songs you can boogie too. The album finishes strongly on the last two tracks. “Vinegar” is a heavier song with a crunching riff and fuzzy bass delivery. Some great guitar work on here. The final number “Angela” starts as a spooky acoustic intro with eerie keys before brightening up in the chorus as an ode to a girl lost and possibly being found again.

MARVEL delivers another fun and memorable album. All top tunes with an individual sound. Check them out live if you get chance. The band puts on a really good visual show to compliment the music.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. A Killing View
2. The Secret Grand Prix
3. Goodluck Sandy
4. Heart & Balls
5. Smile Mr. Steen
6. Monsters Grow In The Dark
7. Child
8. Step Closer
9. All Over The News
10. Live & Learn
11. Vinegar
12. Angela
Ulrik Bodstedt - Bass
Tony Samuelsson - Drums
John Steen - Guitar and Vocals
Record Label: The Sign Records


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