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Marvel - Warhawks Of War

Warhawks Of War
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 25 April 2011, 5:58 PM

The eagle has landed. Or was it a Hawk? No, I am not talking about SAXON and definitely not the strong arm of the law. With this band it is all about coming back to the Hard Rock days of the 70s. This is the story of the Swedish based group, MÄRVEL, and their quest to become a well recognized Hard Rock band beyond the borders of the garage. I don’t know if that is true but it is a good opening line. Actually, this here album is neither their debut nor their sophomore release. Yes, we are coming to their number three, “Warhawks Of War”. That went off via the local Killer Cobra Records.

The essentials of the MÄRVEL’s music are mostly constructed of the 70s. There are some nice referrals to high quality groups that began, or dominated back then. While listening to the album I caught more than enough glimpses of some majors as early BLACK SABBATH, THIN LIZZY, KISS, HENDRIX. However, I could also find some other references to some 80s stuff as early THE CULT and 90s Rock N’ Roll music as THE HELLACOPTERS. Even with the 80s and 90s similarities of this album’s music, along with its traditional like production, most of the setting was entrusted to the 70s, a proud era in the history of both Metal and Rock.

MÄRVEL’s material on “Warhawks Of War” ran from jumpy to groovy. There is no dull moment. The riffs on display were merely 70s oriented performed with a dirty, or free spirit, kind of grace. Almost every song has a catchy chorus or verses that were memorable. I think that the “Beaten Path”, also was the band’s single, was their best work. Other than that one there was “The Effort” and the Hard Rockin’ and headbangin’ “Good Times”. Choruses might always make me tick, however, on this particular release what impressed me the most was the lead guitar line. As a sucker for guitar rhythms, I found those vintage like, or to be more accurate Hendrix style, crunches over the top. Alongside the leads, the rhythms, whether cleaner of fuzzier, or even on the verge of banality as on “Killer Porn Dungeon”, it was hard not to stomp on those smackers and be astonished.

Right from the beginning of the opening tune, “Hello!!”, I truly understood why they called their vocalist / guitarist, John Steen, The King. He was the album’s king of solos (hail for the king baby) with a cool touch suitable for that old era. Moreover, his made rhythms also contributed to this album sense of vintage. “Hello!!” was not the only one where he showed his amazing abilities; you will definitely find more examples of his energies on other tracks as well. As for his voice, it was as if Jimmy Hendrix and Phil Lynnot came back from the dead to handle the mic, it was a true honor for me to hear a voice like that. Besides Steen, there are his pals, “Speedo” on the thick strings and “The Vicar” on the handling of the classic like skins that helped “Warhawks Of War” to be a strong point. This trio created an outline that many of their age don’t consider to be cool and for that they got additional credit.

So what do you have here is another 70s oriented album from a powerhouse band that its line of fire was very impressive. Right from the first chord, the band’s music drew my attention. The 70s once again stroke hard in my face and I liked it. Even though this is not Metal, every Metalhead should try to experience “Warhawks Of War” because I think that most of you know from where the most superb genre of music in world came from. 

4 Star Rating

1. Hello!!
2. Bank of Lights
3. T.N.H.
4. Whispering Eye
5. A Hobby That Got Out Of Hand
6. The Effort
7. Beaten Path
8. Blood Harmony
9. Killer Porn Dungeon
10. Good Times
11. Tiger By The Tail
12. Preaching To The Choir
John “The King” Steen– Guitars, Vocals
Ulrik “Speedo” Bodstedt- Bass
Tony “The Vicar” Samuelsson - Drums
Record Label: Killer Cobra Records


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Edited 02 February 2023

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