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MarysCreek – Incubic Twin Award winner

Incubic Twin
by Eldad “Blacknasa” Stainbook at 19 April 2015, 11:47 AM

An EP from the Swedish band that I have never heard before (not that that’s a bad thing, sometimes it’s even a good thing; I always like to get fresh stuff), founded back in 2004 It took them some time to release their first EP, that according to their site it’s the EP on the way for a debut release that I’m always for.

So MARYSCREEK first EP named “Incubic Twin”, has five tracks , the album starts with “Forever Lost” that displays the band style, Heavy Metal infused with some Power Metal sounds, very 90’s. It does seem that MARYSCREEK are delivering the track gracefully, not venturing into heavier realms, Mats Nilsson on vocals isn’t over exploding and keeping things in control, which is what keeps the track simple and catchy. The second track, bearing the EP name starts with a more heavy riffing but keeps MARYSCREEK style intact adding some keyboard playing only when needed and not overdoing, for me this was the best track in the album.

Track three “Remission of Sin” goes the melodic road that every Power and Heavy metal album needs, like all melodic songs in the genre it goes into a more back and forth  in to heavy riffing style, a very nice track. The last two tracks aren’t going into any different path that other tracks did, solid Heavy metal tracks.

All in all, the album seems to be presented gracefully, MARYSCREEK did a great job in the EP with all aspects, awaiting the full album, I predict a great musical future for them.

4 Star Rating

1. Forever Lost
2. Incubic Twin
3. Remission of Sin
4. Never Walk Alone
5. Black Tie Suicide
Mats Nilsson – Vocals
Stefan Halldin – Drums
Peter Bergkvist – Guitar
Roger Blomberg – Bass
Jonas Hallberg– Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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