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Masachist - Death March Fury (CD)

Death March Fury
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 30 June 2009, 5:46 PM

Holy fuck! I didn't know these guys but from the very first time I saw the line up I felt a death breeze through my body. This band must be totally fucking sick, or at least I hope they are, since all star line ups usually end up being nothing more than a joke. Still haven't realized about who we are talking about? Well, let's travel somewhere in Europe…

…and to be more precise, somewhere in Poland. Not that long ago, about 4 years, some already known musicians met and formed this Death Metal whirlwind. Thrufel (AZARATH, YATTERING) met with Daray (VADER, VESANIA, DIMMU BORGIR) and after gathering some more kickass metalheads that have been involved in bands like DECAPITATED, VESANIA and UNSUN they entered the studio to record their debut, which is being released through the also Polish Witching Hour Productions.

I didn't even know this label, but as it seems our first date will be a success! When you gather such Death Metal monsters and throw them into a studio you can't expect something less than at least decent. Well, Death March Fury is more than just decent, it is Polish Death Metal with great doses of brutality, similar to VADER and BEHEMOTH. The production is also raw, giving the sick technical riffing a psycho tone, while the drums sound like a war machine. So far, so good, but there's always a catch…

This CD, despite how good it is had a - in my humble opinion - huuuuuge problem. Its duration is only (approximately) 26 minutes! It is not fucking Grind people! When you have to do with Death Metal, which at times is technical you need some time to process the music in your head. Death March Fury won't offer this luxury to you. If only there were 10-20 minutes of music more…

3 Star Rating

Unveil The Grave
Inborn Obedience
Open The Wounds
Malicious Cleansing
Appearance Of The Worm
Crush Them!!!
Death Shall March
Pig - Vocals
Thrufel - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Aro - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Heinrich - Bass
Daray - Drums

Guest Musicians:
Ross Dolan - Vocals On Open The Wounds
Record Label: Witching Hour Productions


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