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Masakre - Morbid Extinction

Morbid Extinction
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 March 2022, 3:18 PM

Unfortunately, sometimes we, the writers, lack of some conceptions that could expand our comprehension of a scene of a particular country. It’s rare to have some information about the Indonesian Metal scene, and although we can deal with bands from there, a deeper understanding would improve things. But even with such difficulty in hands, the work of the quartet MASAKRE (from Jakarta) shows on “Morbid Extinction” leaves no space for wrong ideas.

The band used a blend between Death Metal and Crust influenced by acts as NAPALM DEATH, the early age of CARCASS and DEFECATION, creating a noisy and brutal work, with aggressiveness and energy flowing in a way that can make the ears of the listeners buzzy for hours and hours. But those words don’t mean that there isn’t a thinking mind behind such solid and aggressive form of music. Yes, although the technical work of the band isn’t overloaded, the arrangements are pretty good, fitting one into the other without problems. The band uses a filthy and crude approach on the recording that is usual for the genre, but not destroying the comprehension of what’s being played. Things on the genre are usually presented in such way, so be prepared, because the sonority can cause extreme aches in the ears of those that aren’t introduced to the genre.

“Abhorrent Dreams” (a fast and filthy song with nasty guitar riffs and that bleeds with Grindcore influences), “Merciless Death” (with some slow parts and some Death Metal hooks), “Inhuman Atrocities” (a fast and shorter song that fits on the classic Grindcore model, showing very good distorted riffs), “Excruciating Endless Darkness” (a Crust/Grindcore essence fills the song, with nasty screamed grunts appearing), and “Abolished Realms” (a caustic set of slow parts shows the rhythmic control of bass guitar and drums, creating a solid and heavy rhythmic wall) are the songs that belongs to “Morbid Extinction” original tracklist. But as bonus for this version there are the songs on their 2018’s EP, “Crawling to Perdition” (“Dismembered Faith”, “Netherworld”, “Wrath”, “Abattoir Belief”, and “Eternal Dominion”), so the fans have how to compare the evolution of MASAKRE from that point to this day (in reality, the aggressiveness and personality is the same, but today is presented in a better form).

For those who are fans of Crust/Grindcore and Death Metal, “Morbid Extinction” is a fine release, and MASAKRE will be an addiction for sure.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Abhorrent Dreams
2. Merciless Death
3. Inhuman Atrocities
4. Excruciating Endless Darkness
5. Abolished Realms
6. Dismembered Faith
7. Netherworld
8. Wrath
9. Abattoir Belief
10. Eternal Dominion
Dirga - Vocals
Uri - Guitars
Dimas - Bass
Saiful - Drums
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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