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Maschine - Rubidium

by Yassine "Spiritcrusher" Mankai at 29 July 2013, 1:40 PM

If you don’t fall for a period on a good progressive rock bands, then it is certain that you have not crossed MASCHINE. And who said that nowadays there are no new musicians with the talent such as Robert Plant of LED ZEPPELIN or Bernie Marsden of WHITESNAKE. Well this time, five magicians totally surprised me, headed by the guitarist / vocalist Luke Machin who controls that English band, their first album entitled "Rubidium" released under the label InsideOut Music. Being young does not mean amateur and age does not reflect maturity, this applies perfectly to the members of MASCHINE.

The album has been preparing since 2008, date in which met Luke Machin and Daniel Mash to think about playing Progressive Rock. Today, efforts are rewarded with 70 minutes of very delicious music. And it starts with "The Fallen", a song that inspired me to give more attention and tight the belts. Starting with a very experimental keyboards play of Georgia Lewis who is a singer as well and reaching the guitars that are often very technical. This track has scored a lot of change in temperament, that I enjoyed and I have already been pushed to build a good prejudices on the rest. "Rubidium" is the second track, and I'm not at the end of my surprises, a bit simpler than the previous track arrangements, but the use of many custom elements in Machin’s singing. A song that makes me thinks of PORCUPINE TREE especially in the first few minutes. The constant quest for the English quintet in the material to surprise the listener continued, "Cubixstro" takes me to a new and different sphere, looks like the entire group has all changed. The strong point of this third track in my opinion is the voice of Machin but also Lewis behind her keyboards without forgetting the bass guitar's stance​​by not following the guitars and follows his own path. The song ends with a quiet way with Electro influences, it was unexpected but very well done also.

The English band have tried to operate all the possibilities, this time it's the turn of acoustic guitars to appear on “Invincible”, giving way after a much more positive than the previous piece. Other strong point is the lyrics that have a poetic side. The second part of the song marks a change to operating more on the technical side of the guitars. It is certain that it is difficult to predict the attitude of MASCHINE each time it is necessary to reposition and get the message behind each piece. On "Venga" as usual male / female duo on vocals leaves a special impression, and which marked the fifth track is the return of the distortions on the guitars with more attack and it was mainly the way of PAIN OF SALVATION. "Eyes Pt 1" is the sixth track on the album begins perfectly with very progressive passages, and this is the most Metal part of the entire album with aggressively mood that is felt from the beginning. But still there's a place to surprise, with acoustic guitars another time. "Eyes Pt 2" the last track seems to be a sequel to the previous track. This is a much more brutal and heavy piece but also atmospheric in the manner of DREAM THEATER. It was a marriage between technicality, melody and progressivity, a song that has given way to instruments more than anything.

The album was not a concept album according to Luke Machin. The marriage of several different elements constituting the album was successful, I do not hide my appreciation especially for the heavy side of the album.  

4 Star Rating

1. The Fallen
2. Rubidium
3. Cubixstro
4. Invincible
5. Venga
6. Eyes Pt.1
7. Eyes Pt.2
Luke Machin – Guitars, Vocals
Daniel Mash – Bass, Vocals
Georgia Lewis – Keyboards, Vocals
Elliott Fuller – Guitars
James Stewart – Drums
Record Label: InsideOut Music


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