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Mask Of Insanity – Damnation Is Eternal Award winner

Mask Of Insanity
Damnation Is Eternal
by Will Travers at 11 December 2020, 7:20 AM

The Dutch are well known for their love of good things. Amsterdam is the go-to place for young travellers wanting to try the plethora of experiences available there. But also, the music scene in the Netherlands is alive and well, with many people across the industry based in the country. But what of the bands? Well, here today we have MASK OF INSANITY. You can be forgiven if, like me, you had to do a quick double take of the name there, I know I instantly can’t help but think of CHILDREN OF BODOM’s “Mask Of Sanity”.

Anywho, the record, “Damnation Is Eternal” is the debut studio release for this young group, having previously released two demos and a single, so I am eagerly looking forward to this. The album artwork, is dark and mysterious, with the band’s logo taking the focal point. Opening, is “Concentrate”, which is certainly what you have to do. The smoky and ethereal spoken word is backed by growls echoing the words, it becomes slight confusing and disorientating, however I believe that the desired effect was achieved. The album then launches full tilt into “Blood Of The Impaled”, this delectable instrumental track is a short, but steady demonstration of what we can expect. With melodic guitar runs and a solid foundation, I am excited.

The album marches through “Monstrosity To The Eyes” and comes strolling into “Cocoon Of Demise”, with an intricate drum line and weaving, no, intertwining guitar lines that builds into a cacophony of confusing and intense music that feels as though it is engulfing you. I’m going to jump ahead a little bit, “Where All Your Love Dies” is probably my favourite track, the stripped back layers interspersed with the dense and complex music and that slightly more ballady feel to it… I think that everything really just came together in the most beautiful way for this 7-minute epic.

But do not be fooled. The journey has not come to a jittering halt, in fact, it was simply a rest stop. As after another short-spoken word track, “Fester Unto Thee”, the full throttle intensity of MASK OF INSANITY is back with a vengeance in the form of “On Howling Wings Of Black”

I just want to bring a bit of a focus onto the final two tracks “Foreseeing Their Future” and “Foresaw Their Future” the first being again stripped back initially but being allowed to build and really bring everything together to a really high standard. The second, seeing out the record as it came in, mysterious and surreal. I am very impressed.

Overall, this was a fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable listen. The depth to the music was fantastic and the intensity just never seemed to falter, even within the slower tracks. I am sure that this will go down a treat across the Metal community, fans of DIMMU BORGIR be sure to not miss MASK OF INSANITY

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Concentrate
2. Blood Of The Impaled
3. Monstrosity To The Eyes
4. Cocoon Of Demise
5. Abominous Abominate
6. Where All Your Love Dies
7. Fester Unto Thee
8. On Howling Wings Of Black
9. Swallow The Insane
10. Tempus
11. Dawn Of Fate
12. Foreseeing Their Fate
13. Foresaw Their Fate
Gildor Van Mourik – Vocals/Bass
Vincent Klein – Guitar
Cor Vos – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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