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Mask of Satan - Underneath The Mire

Mask of Satan
Underneath The Mire
by Suicide Cliff at 01 November 2021, 2:11 PM

Masters of Death Metal MASK OF SATAN are at it again with their new release UNDERNEATH THE MIRE.  A follow up to their 2017 album SILENT SERVANTS - CHANTS OF LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR, they do not disappoint and bring buckets of guts, viscera and filth for the damned to feast upon. With eardrum defiling guitars and devastating drums there’s something here for any fan of the extreme metal genre.

The first track I’d like to speak on is “Moonless Night (October 31st)”.  It starts with a witch’s cackle which is slightly disturbing and perfectly sets the tone for the utter destruction which is to ensue.  In your face drumming and slamming riffs fill the verses then transform into the oh so sweet death metal grooves that I live and die for.  There’s some heavily syncopated accents in the chorus that lull the listener into a soulless possession of headbanging.  The vocals are harsh and have a mixed dynamic style of gutturals and shrieks.  This song is a beast and captures the Halloween spirit of malevolence and sorcery that hides behind the thin veneer of commercialism and consumption these days.

Next song I’d like to discuss is “Corpsewitch”.  Again the accents here are not your usual fare and drive the music straight into the grave of the recently condemned.  After the initial beatdown of the intro there’s a nice groovy interlude that features a short twisted guitar melody.  It’s the little things like that which really add the cherry on top of the brutal riffage and is a theme that comes back later in the song.  The use of foreshadowing melodic concepts to be later reintroduced is the mark of musicians with a firm grasp of songwriting and shows they know exactly what message and emotions they want to convey.  With their skills of necromancy they summon forth the souls of the forgotten to pay homage to the evil that dwells deep within each of us.

“The Black Goat” starts off with more disturbing melodies reminiscent of the style of MAYHEM in my opinion.  Then they start into a driving pulse of conflagration further enticing you into their wickedness and blasphemy.  I really love the drumming on this song, it keeps you on edge yet is relaxed at the same time, a strange but satisfying mixture to me.  You can feel the abominable evil that just oozes from every orifice of this song.  About halfway through there is a breakdown section which builds back up into slamming epicness and surely opens a portal into the netherworld releasing unspeakable horrors into the pitiful world of human existence.

Overall “UNDERNEATH THE MIRE” is a highly enjoyable listen and does well to represent the prospects of the unholy denizens of the night.  With crushing riffs, earth shattering vocals and relentless drumming these metal monsters are sure to be any fan favorite.  Definitely give this album a listen if you enjoy the more brutal and morbid aspects of extreme metal.  Hail!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ritualistic Incantation
2. Bloodmontain
3. Languish
4. Moonless Night (October 31st)
5. Bloodpact
6. Corpsewitch
7. Abyssal Servant
8. Underneath The Mire
9. The Black Goat
M - Bass & Vocals
O - Drums
S - Guitars
Record Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation


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