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Masquera Di Ferro - Reflection

Masquera Di Ferro
by Matt Coe at 16 June 2014, 1:35 PM

Forming in the fall of 2012, MASQUERA DI FERRO secured their current lineup in the middle part of 2013 and set to work on this debut full length “Reflection”. At 6 songs many would consider this an EP – but the quintet prefer longer than radio-oriented arrangements, so the average song length is around 6 minutes. Stylistically we have a Melodic Heavy Metal sound, although twinges of Gothic strains enter, especially in terms of the gentle voice of Tasos Psilovasilopoulos.

The guitar structures and general tempo choices have a lot in common with the NWOBHM, the melodies often following the music in a light hearted yet up beat fashion. “Final Release” for instance has a pure JUDAS PRIEST essence, something one could expect from say “Stained Class” meets the “British Steel” discography, the twin guitar harmonies weaving in and out of the song as well as a quieter bass/ drum section near the end that adds extra dramatic tension for the conclusion. “Alive” has an opening echo guitar sequence that one would expect from early U2 or THE CHURCH before the marching electric strains transform this into a steady metal anthem effort.

The band does have proficiency in terms of instrumental skills and solid metal structuring at hand – but I wonder if the semi-talking / semi-singing antics will be enough to elevate MASQUERA DI FERRO beyond local hometown favorites. The production values are adequate, and there’s this slight exotic factor that makes the mostly instrumental “La Maschera Di Ferro” a left field standout because of the use of vocal effects against a hypnotic chord structure and then an emotional lead break to heighten the dynamic factor.

So where do I stand after a few listens to “Reflection”? Place me in the promising but still weary category.

3 Star Rating

1. Angel of Fire
2. Doberman
3. Final Release
4. Reflection
5. Alive
6. La Maschera Di Ferro
Tasos Psilovasilopoulos – Vocals
Fanis Badas – Guitars
Kostas Birbutsakis – Guitars
Theodore Karalis – Bass
Panos Thoidis – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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