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Mass Hypnosis - Sanctimonious

Mass Hypnosis
by Michael Coyle at 14 January 2015, 11:23 AM

So with the new year now upon us we now have some late Christmas gifts to open just for you the Metal Community. As with any gift there are those you are dying to open and some not so much, luckily for you I have just the thing to put your worries at ease. The band I am about to review is one that I am very familiar with and can say without a question of doubt to be a band that is keeping it original and heavy as any band out there.

So without further adieu here is Mass Hypnosis with their latest release SANCTIMONIUS!!

So I decided to start this one off with the records second track God Complex. So what caught my attention mainly was the fact that the song itself starts off with this heavy skull to the wall groove, it has to be one of the heaviest things I have started my year off to and I certainly mean that. But what mainly caught my interest was the fact that this song to me especially sounds like a mixture of early Fear Factory mixed with the aggressive force of Vader, this shows to me that the band have been able to pick out inspiration from different sections of the extreme Metal family tree and use them in creating this powerful and groovy force that is God Complex. I think that what makes this song is Guitarist, Vocalist Leo as with what I have heard I can say without a doubt he has some of the most intense vocals to be found in modern extreme metal.

So from where we are right now I can say that this record is a solid powerhouse of Industrial Metal mixed with a large amount of extreme Metal inspiration. I'm really liking what I have heard so far and I would definitely suggest this record to anyone reading this review as I believe that this record truly shows the capability of what hard work and effort can achieve.

The next track I have decided to check out on this record is the entitled Monotheist. Now with this track I was of two minds on it to be very honest as it is very different compared to God Complex, very different. I cannot say whether I like it or not as it’s hard to really pin down what kind of track it is, is it Metal, is it Industrial or is it even Dubstep, this is the question I keep on trying to go over so I'm ust going to come out and say it, I didn't feel anything off of this song which made me wonder why this was so very different, it isn’t a bad song and it isn't a good song, I would personally say it is a middle song for me as I have no idea where it would belong on the scale.

So conclusion time. I personally think this record has hope but at the same time it is hard to pinpoint where it is going, there are some really heavy tracks on here that are by far worth listening to but then there are those that are very different and can be hard to describe on the scale, even still this record shows that the band have something that shows diversity yet at the same time I believe hat there is still a lot more this band can offer for the future.

4 Star Rating

1. Psychoacustica
2. God Complex
3. Matrix Of Power
4. Address to the Nation
5. Trigger Terms
6. Inevitable Disaster
7. Message from the Advanced Intelligence
8. Refugees from the Promised Land
9. The Sting of consequence
10. Monotheist
11. Social Experiment
12. United state of Coma
13. Codex Alimantarius
14. Nova Ordo Seclorum
Ela - Bass, Vocals
Leo - Guitars, Vocals
Kodin - Keyboards, Samples
Record Label: Independent


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