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Mass Infection - For I Am Genocide

Mass Infection
For I Am Genocide
by Shwetha Kamath at 22 February 2014, 1:18 AM

Formed in 2003, starting with their album "Believe The Lie" demo and launching a debut album called "Atonement For Inquity" (2005). I must say this band is doing so much to get themselves in biggest platform ever can they find that after 10 years, they launch the bomb of their potential pouring downright to their new album called "For I Am Genocide". With tracks like “Beholding The Throne”, “Nihilsm Reigns”, Maelstorm Of Endless Suffering” and “The Scourge Of Living Fans”, there is much variations in the riffs as well as drumming. The breathtaking gush of violence and brutality smashing on the floor can be seen in lyrics.

The album artwork of "For I Am Genocide" itself describes that the term Genocide. The crucifixion of people through national politics as well as the religious conflicts has bombarded several slow poisoning ideas into people. The lyrics want them dead and proclaim that genocide is the only way to reach through people. Plunging into religious ideas (blind beliefs), corrupted politics prevailing and the corporate world has reached to the nerve of humanity prevailing. The message conveyed by the lyrics speaks of extermination of all those negativity causing pollution towards humanity must be extinct.

Going for the technical side of the album, the variations in every track is splendid enough that one shall smash someone with the violence. The smashing sound of brutality of death with aggression seems to be catching in every rhythm out of every single track. Especially “Nihilism Reigns” has one such factor where it sounds really evil and it turns out to be most badass track I could come across from Brutal Death Metal genre. Since they had mentioned that their influences are from bands like DEEDS OF FLESH, HATE ETERNAL and SEVERE TORTURE, I gave a listen to all of these bands. As a reviewer, all I could imagine was the wall built in front of me was shattered with their music and it’s powerful that it’s like someone just slammed a Metal door on your face which is very painful. That’s how it is. With their tracks, you can imagine a moshpit and maybe a very huge wall of death throwing right at your face. The amount of brutality thrown in the tracks is unexplainable the height of evil, violence, the passion of metal especially the definition of brutal death metal is found in this album.

There are many amateur bands out there trying to provide best of Technical Death / Brutal Death Metal and other genres. This album can just smash your mirror while you brush your teeth.

4 Star Rating

1. Praised By All The Entities
2. The Scourge of Living Fans
3. Hierachy of the Highest Abomination
4. Beholding the Throne
5. Unearthly Legion
6. Maelstorm of Endless Suffering
7. Beyond Perpetuation
8. Nihilism Reigns
9. The Genocide Revealed
George S. – Guitars/ Vocals
Nick - Guitars
Victor - Bass
George T.- Drums
Record Label: Comatose Music


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