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Mass - Still Chained Award winner

Still Chained
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 04 May 2019, 6:54 AM

Old bands that are still active or return from years of hiatus must prove to the fans if they are still worthy of attention. There are many of them that retirement would be a relief for them and their fans, but others have enough energy and music to stay active. And MASS, a veteran international effort is back once more for another round with “Still Chained”.

Being formed in 1973, the quintet stayed active until the middle of the 80’s, but entered on hiatus after their 1986 album “Kick Your Ass”. They’re back after all these years unleashing a mix between Classic Rock and Hard Rock, done with a massive dose of energy, but always tempered with fine melodies and keyboards arrangements. They’re in the same vein of names as DEEP PURPLE and URIAH HEEP, but bearing an aggressive insight like JUDAS PRIEST and KROKUS had on the first years of the 80’s. But their music sounds alive and never outdated, showing that they still have a lot of to offer to the fans.

 “Still Chained” was produced by Robert Hoffmann and MASS itself, using the most simple recording to keep that organic feeling from the past alive, but having that modern insight to bring their songs to life. And yes, it sounds clean and heavy, and what lovely set of instrumental tunes were used. They’re alive and hunger for play hard san savage, and the tender melodies of “Back to the Music” (excellent keyboards and vocals), the energy from the guitars on “Straight to Hell” (what lovely chorus), the mix between aggressive touches with accessible melodies on “Kick Your Ass”, the Hard ‘n’ Heavy bitter energy on the slow tempos of “Chained” (very good work on bass guitar and drums), the catchy nasty Rock ‘n’ Roll outfit of “Restless” (if this song won’t tear you down, nothing can do it, and what excellent vocals can be heard) and “Dark Night” (slow and that dirt bluesy tempos are presented, and some charming backing vocals can be heard as well), the “motorheadian” essence of “Born to Lose”, and the wild and hooking “We Are Back” state that these guys still can deliver wonderful moments to the fans.

“Still Chained” is a fine example how veterans must do the job, so get your copy and support MASS, because they really deserve it.

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Back to the Music
2. Straight to Hell
3. Break Out
4. Kick Your Ass
5. Chained
6. Devil’s Gate
7. Restless
8. Dark Night
9. Shoot Out
10. Cry It Out
11. Born to Lose
12. Time Runs Out
13. War Law
14. It Is Done
15. We Are Back
Matthias “Wauxl” Pfaller - Vocals
Hans Heid - Guitars
Günther V. Radny - Bass
Clemens Matejka - Keyboards
Andreas Gmeinwieser - Drums
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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