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Mass - Angel Power / Swiss Connection

Angel Power / Swiss Connection
by Grigoris Chronis at 18 April 2010, 11:04 AM

***The two albums are sold in separate; they are ‘combined’ here so as to have a more integrated review***

MASS was formed in Germany in the early 70s, and enjoyed a good doze of success - on a lower scale than leading German acts SCORPIONS and ACCEPT, of course – throughout their career. Between 1976 and 1986 MASS released eight albums and remained a memorable German band in the midst of the British early 80s invasion. With the band being long defunct now, MASS’s music has one more chance to reach a younger (or more mature, no prob!) audience with these SPV re-releases; it’s said that another couple of albums are to be re-released later in spring.

MASS’s music is quite typical in both the “Angel Power” and “Swiss Connection” albums. Originally released in 1980 and 1981, the CDs portray the in-your-face hardrockin’ blend of MASS, with a strong 70s Hard Rock and Blue Rock vibe and even traces of Glam Rock. Labeled as a ‘Metal’ act was quite an excessive sticker back then,not of course talkin’ about later 80s standards and onwards. The first two albums of ACCEPT (1979’s “Accept” and 1980’s “I’m A Rabel”) have some parts in common or Australia’s ROSE TATTO share some relevant points especially in the drum beats and some of the guitar leads. In MASS’s case, though, the vocals are more ‘British’ and in connection to the general up-tempo music style and sound someone could easily jump into the NWOBHM-related conclusion. Think of e.g. TYGERS OF PAN TANG, CHEVY or enough of the participants in the legendary “Metal For Muthas” compilation. Yeah, we’re talkin’ ‘bout primal stuff here!

If you want to dig in the roots of Heavy Metal music as we now know and love it, albums like these two capture the sound and style loud music dressed up in while gradually transforming from 70s Hard Rock to 80s Heavy Metal. Featuring digipack covers but nothing more than plain 4-page booklets, “Angel Power” (being more ‘Rock’) and “Swiss Connection” (being more ‘Heavy’) are appropriate examples of MASS’s offerings years ago.

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“Angel Power”:

  1. Angel Power
  2. Hate
  3. Too Much Business
  4. Flying Into Mexico
  5. Rock Baby
  6. It Must Be Evil
  7. Good Times
  8. Bad Times
  9. Qualification
  10. It’s No Gurantee
  11. Come On
  12. Call It
  13. Tokyo Teen
  14. Good Old Rock ‘N’ Roll
  15. Black Mass (Bonus Track)
“Swiss Connection”:

  1. Time Runs Out
  2. Trucking
  3. Don’t Wait Too Long
  4. Red Lights & Whiskey
  5. Shoot Out
  6. Metal Road
  7. Dead End Rider - Back Street Fighter
  8. Fade Out 19.2.1980
  9. Bad Deal
  10. Dark Night
  11. Firebird (Bonus Track)
Jack E. Burnside - Vocals
Detlef Schreiber - Guitars
Günther Victor Radny - Bass
Johannes Eder - Drums
Record Label: SPV


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