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Mass - Sea Of Black

Sea Of Black
by Grigoris Chronis at 26 April 2010, 7:04 PM

MASS – not to be confused with the late 70s/mid 80s German rockers – have a long but not enough of successful (in terms of commercial acceptance) history. Located in Boston, USA MASS formed in 1980 and released thier first self-financed “Mass” EP in1984. This is a collectors’ item nowadays, while back then it helped them gain a contract with the RCA label. 2 ½ aqlbums in the 80s plus a comeback CD in 2007 (“Crack Of Dawn”) saw MASS selling a good deal of albums primarily in their 80s heyday (100,000 is said in a Press release) plus they had the benefit of sharing the stage with renowed artists like WINGER, STRYPER, GIRLSCHOOL, CHEAP TRICK and MOLLY HATCHET. Enough with historic info, now.

2010 sees the Americans releasing a brand new album with the misleading title “Sea Of Black”. You should not expect anything dark and gloomy in this album, since the band’s main idea is melodies and a Rock energy widespread in most of the album’s songs. You’ll feel like listening to (even) late BON JOVI or JOURNEY in a majority of mid-pace tracks mixing electric and acoutic guitars, simple solos and warm vocals. This does not include all numbers, though, since some are based in a more hardrockin’ or American sophisitcated Metal vain, while more pomp moments may bring e.g. ANGEL to mind and shakin’ cuts have something from the EXTREME groove. The approach is surely fresh and modern but if you read between the lies you may assume you’re dealin’ with an old band over here.

Offering guitar parts from one axeman is a good deal for MASS, since the band sounds tight and striaghtforward. The production helps this was, but the main picture is Gene D’Itria is an impressive guitarist, in the Neal Schon/George Lynch/Chris DeGarmo vein, adding colours and licks in all song parts. The vocals of Louis D’Augusta is another good mark for MASS, too, since they are mature and not dull at all; he fits perfectly whatever the harmony/melody style. Not having the chance to read the lyrics themes in advance, “Sea Of Black” probably has Christianity as the main subject.

MASS is back; I do not know who should care, I honestly have no idea, but this sohuld not prevent the fans of melodic Rock/Metal music to get the chance and listen to MASS’s newset offering since it is a well-worked album by a band that has nothing to prove in the Music business. Spending some good time with a nice album is way a better option for all of us, right?

3 Star Rating

  1. Falling From Grace
  2. All The Years Gone
  3. The Right Side
  4. Coming Home
  5. Thru The Rain
  6. All That I Needed
  7. More Than A Friend
  8. Justify
  9. Ashes To Ashes
  10. Till We Meet Again
  11. Captain Jack
  12. Sea Of Black
Louis D’Augusta - Lead Vocals
Gene D’Itria - Guitars & Back Up Vocals
Michael Palumbo - Bass & Back Up Vocals
Joey “Vee” Vadala - Drums
Record Label: Escape Music


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