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Massacre - Back From Beyond

Back From Beyond
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 12 March 2014, 9:32 PM

MASSACRE is a re-formed and re-born Death Metal band from Florida. They formed in the 1980’s by two members of the band DEATH. They split when three members left to rejoin that band. In the early 1990’s they re-formed and recorded their classic album called “From Beyond”. Since then the band has been on a long hiatus. They re-united in 2012 with two original members to perform at the “70,000 Tons of Metal” cruise in the Caribbean. This new album, “Back From Beyond”, features 14 tracks.

Opening the album is sinister sounding track called “The Ancient Ones”, complete with a beastly whisper at the end. “As We Wait To Die” wastes no time setting the aggressive and gruesome tone of the new album. It is old school Death Metal through and through, with some thrash sprinkled in, like blood splattered on a white canvas.  It is deep, somber, and remorseless in its delivery. The running, speeding guitar lines of “Ascension of the Deceased” have some more of the thrash elements I was talking about, but no vocal variation from the Death Metal sound. “False Revelation” is a slower, earthier number, and “Succumb to Rapture” is a more gritty and evil sounding tune. The delivery of this death metal is very honest and authentic. Ed Webb’s vocals are surely a highlight for the band, as he commands the ability to assume several different vocal techniques within the Death Metal parameters. Instrumentally, the low end is impactful and driven by the main riff. There are some slow, grinding, punchy sort of tracks, and some more mid-tempo numbers.

Time changes abound on the album as well, as in the shift in “Shield of the Son”. Guitar solos are present here and there, with plenty of whammy bar action and dive bombs. There is little deviation to the formula of Death Metal music that takes us back to the 1980s. Most of the riffs are centered in the low E string as their base, as in the track “Sands of Time”, complete with that temp change after the second chorus. Some of it just runs together for me. The title track might be the most indicative track on the album.

One thing I will say is that the album is full of energy, grit, and drive. The band has clearly been born again with the desire to create a quality product for their fans. It’s as Death Metal as the Pope is Catholic. What it is not, is original, creative or thought provoking… but this genre is very unforgiving in that regard. If you are a fan that wants this product pure, brutal and straightforward, MASSACRE has certainly delivered that.  

3 Star Rating

1. The Ancient Ones
2. As We Wait To Die
3. Ascension of the Deceased
4. Hunter’s Blood
5. Darkness Fell
6. False Revelation
7. Succumb to Rapture
8. Remnants of Hatred
9. Shield of the Son
10. The Evil Within
11. Sands of Time
12. Beast With Vengeance
13. Back From Beyond
14. Honor the Fallen
Ed Webb - Vocals
Rick Rozz – Guitars
Terry Butler - Bass
Mikey Mazzonetto - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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