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Massface – Inequable

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 18 October 2022, 7:03 AM

MASSFACE is an Alternative/Progressive Metal band from Russia. Unfortunately, their promo came to me without any bio sheet. Their Facebook and Bandcamp pages are also blank, and they did not have an entry on The Metal Archives. So, this narrative is all about the music. The album has nine songs, and “Aftermath” is the first. Following some smooth introductory tones, the main riff drops, weighted but melodic. Harsh vocals also make an appearance, but it’s all about the vocal harmonies in the chorus. “Dunes” begins with deadly harsh vocals and a weighted bottom end. The transition to melodies in the chorus is sharp and could have been better planned.

“Wither” features calm and pleasing sounds out of the gate, leading to clean vocals harmonies in the chorus. The melodies are pretty memorable and this song is pretty decent. “The Fount” sounds like a continuation of the previous song. Again, there are harmonies in the chorus that are pretty well done, and there are also some noticeable Progressive elements in the meter. “Evocative” is a very short transitional track, connecting the first and second half of the albums. It strolls casually forward with pleasing acoustical guitar tones.

“Bewildered” is another smooth and easy-listening song. I believe the band does these better than the heavier songs, although the lead vocals are a bit on the whiny side. The bass is excellent in this song. “Bystander” is a heavier offering beginning with tense and ominous tones. Marked with harsh vocals, the weighted bottom buts against the harmonies in the chorus. “One” is the song that I have been waiting for on the album. The melodies in both the verses and chorus are wonderful, and as I mentioned, the band does these elements better than the harsh ones. “Pete Bancini” closes the album; another short song with solemn clean tones.

The band is so close to something good. They just need something to bring it all together. Smoother transitions would be a good start. They do both the harsh and clean sounds pretty well, but again, the transitions are just not there. This comes mostly from inexperience, and I know the band is capable of better. I say, focus on the development of the melodies, and let go of some of the harsh elements. They are much easier to compose. Let’s see what they can do next.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 3
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Aftermath
2. Dunes
3. Wither
4. The Fount
5. Evocative
6. Bewildered
7. Bystander
8. One
9. Pete Bancini
Ivan Romanchuk
Alexander Tarabrin
Alexei Novikov
Denis Shulika
Semen Martsinkevich
Aleksandr Grigoriev
Record Label: Independent


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