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Massface - Massface

by Crisstopher Robyn at 09 May 2019, 7:01 PM

MASSFACE was formed in November, 2013 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Their self-titled album is influenced by all kinds of music. They consider music to be beautiful in any manifestation. The tracks on their debut are meant to be reflections about the meaning of existence and the purpose we as human beings have.  MASSFACE want their listeners to approach their music with a clear and unprejudiced mind, while giving the album a chance to freely flow. Well, let us use this approach as we begin “Massface”.

I Am” starts out with euphoric synth work that seems to ease your mind. The key touches are gentle but entice you to follow its lead. The short intro abruptly gives way to hard and heavy beats and riffs of “Born.” At first listen, the music is very near COHEED AND CAMBRIA. The vocals are really close and with the atmospheric resonance of the synth, the song could be passed off as them. MASSFACE have started off quite well. The music is heavy, but it is relaxing. “Now” is the second track and comes in a bit heavier in the intro, but goes softer for the verse. The chorus brings out the heavier side of the band, but the vocals are nice and clean. The pitch bounces from low to high, almost resembling BREAKING BENJAMIN, but that is given with praise.

Black Water” is our mid-point to the album. The intro begins with synth and guitar. Soon after the entire band brings the heaviness. The song itself has this smoothness through the song. It seems MASSFACE takes all of their influences and places them in one song. You have very melodic riffs over some heavy Djent that crosses well with the harmony of the vocals. “New Day” sees the band going with a soft ballad. It has this Pop Rock feel, but has a different aura surrounding the sound of the band. Oleg Lankin’s vocals are tuned in with the band on every level of this song, as the guitars throw some beautiful melodies over the top of the drums.

Shadows” starts off with an atmospheric intro that lays visions of a night sky in your head. Again, the band shows the softer side, even though the riffs are heavy tuned, there is a passion felt in the song. The band show off their influences and talent immaculately.  “Sea Of Trees” is the album closer. The song, much like others, begins with synth to create a setting. The guitar strums add emotion, while the drums give the heartbeat. It is a beautiful instrumental and tops out at the two and half-minute mark, but it leaves you wanting more.

MASSFACE were certainly a surprise. The guys from Russia show some great talents throughout their album. I was expecting some very hard Deathcore, but what I got was some very heavy, yet easy listening music. Their influences are layered heavy throughout the album. The vocals of Oleg Lankin seem to tune to the band’s music very easily and I can pick out three or four songs from the album that should be playing on radio stations across America. I do not think this will be the last we hear from this band. Take a chance and listen, you may end up being just surprised as I was.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. I Am
2. Born
3. Now
4. Remember
5. Black Water
6. New Day
7. Shadows
8. Time
9. Sea Of Trees

Oleg Lankin - Vocals
Ivan Romanchuk - Guitars
Aleksandr Tarabrin - Guitars
Alexey Novikov - Bass
Denis Shulika - Drums
Sammy Martsynkevich - Keys / Samples

Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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