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Master Charger - Unity In Black Award winner

Master Charger
Unity In Black
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 08 August 2013, 10:55 AM

Feeling gloomy? Well here’s some Doom(y) Metal for you. MASTER CHARGER present their latest release, “Unity In Black”. Hailing from the distant lands (well, distant for me) of Nottinghamshire, England, this three-piece Hard Rock / Doom Metal / Stoner Rock / Anything really band has a heavy yet psychedelic style. They incorporate old-school heavy metal guitar with funky bass and good-old 80s Metal vocals, creating both ambience and dissonance.

The opening track, “Super Death Charged” kicks off with catchy Rock n’ Roll riffs and steady drums that get your feet tapping. It’s the sort of sound you’d hear blasting from an American motorcycle bar. Especially since the opening lyrics are “freedom to ride”, and later the “rumble on the highway” makes the listener imagine a leather-clad gang accelerate on by. The “woo hoos” towards the end further enforce the feel-good, carefree vibe of the song. The songs are of varying lengths, which keeps things fresh and interesting. The shortest, “Blighted”, is a mere 1:30, whilst the longest and final track “Journey Through All Tomorrows” is a mammoth 8:31. The guitar in “So High, Yet So Low” is awesome, featuring repetitive riffs and melancholy reverb.

The title track “Unity In Black” keeps the somber atmosphere going, with slow and overlapping guitar introducing the track, until the drums gradually come in and the guitar becomes distorted. It’s not until 2 minutes of funkiness have gone by that the vocals come in. J.H.P. has a singing style reminiscent of the late Ronnie James Dio, which is a great honor. Being a bit of a bassist myself, the funky rumbling in “Violent Wand” really caught my attention. Think there’s some sexual innuendo in the title, based on the lyrics. Definitely should be played in a motorbike bar. “Shadowmass” has a distinctly-doomy feel, again with growly bass. “Deal With It” is more energetic, showcasing more of the catchy Rock guitar which should definitely be making more of a comeback in today’s tunes.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album. I like the way the band manage to combine a multitude of genres to create an effect that’s both ambient and heavy, bringing back some old-school Rock, but also delivering a decent dose of distortion. MASTER CHARGER are a nostalgic blend of the old and the new, and “Unity In Black” proves this phenomenally. 

4 Star Rating

1. Super Death Charged
2. So High, Yet So Low
3. Unity in Black
4. Violent Wand
5. Blighted
6. Shadowmass
7. Greedfeeder
8. Deal With It
9. I Ride Through Vengeance
10. Journey Through All Tomorrows
J.H.P – Vocals / Guitar
Kevin Wain - Bass
Jon Kirk – Drums
Record Label: Black Vulture Records


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