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Master Massive – The Pendulum Award winner

Master Massive
The Pendulum
by SamiiMittelstaedt at 11 August 2015, 1:38 AM

Everyone knows how important IRON MAIDEN is in the Music World. One of the biggest bands in the world, over 40 years being affluent to any of a million bands in several countries. And it happens with the Swedish band called MASTER MASSIVE. They are releasing your first full-length by ViciSolum Productions with the name “The Pendulum”. The singer - Jan Strandh - formed the band in 1993 and only could release “The Pendulum” this year. But this album isn’t a simple album. It’s a Rock Opera that calls the world’s destiny is in a simple man’s hand. Them you will ask me: “You started writing about IRON MAIDEN!” and I can tell you in “The Pendulum” the melody climate is equal you are listening “Peace Of Mind” or “Powerslave” with high notes influenced by MANOWAR’s singer Eric Adams and the dark climate like KING DIAMOND. This opera-rock had featuring by singers from THERION, LEVITICUS and many others.

The guitars – are three like in IRON MAIDEN’s line-up – and singers remembers the old NWOBHM with deepest lyrics about the angst and criticism contemporary society makes the album being a masterpiece you need to listen if you like this style. Between the tracks had some interludes – typical in Opera Rocks – for you understand the history. It’s an exciting rhythms and perfect inter-meshing between the guests and the band and the vocals remembers you are listen Bruce Dickinson and Ronnie James Dio singing together. The most epic songs are “Time Out Of Mind”, “I Am the Prior”, “Sovereign Power” and “Broken Hearts” with the typical Traditional Heavy Metal, no more and no less.

If you like nostalgic songs with fantastic songs, the Rock Opera’s epic style and brilliant singers, you MUST listen “The Pendulum”.

4 Star Rating

1. The Pendulum
2. Time Out of Mind
3. Aadham, You Will Not Stand Alone
4. Four Dreams
5. The Monastery
6. I Am the Prior
7. Eye of Silence
8. Dear Aadham
9. Sovereign Power
10. The Media Palace
11. The One Chosen By The Gods
12. Hymn to Yellowhawk
13. Wishing Well
14. Broken Hearts
15. Dark Prophecy
16. Showdown
17. Elegy
Jan Strandh – Vocals, Lead Guitars, & Acoustic Guitars
Yngve Frank – Guitars
Anders Ericson – Guitars
Max Warnby – Bass
Fred Warnby – Drums
Record Label: ViciSolum Productions


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