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Master Spy - The Train

Master Spy
The Train
by Sarah Chebaro at 16 June 2022, 5:55 PM

Canada has their own version of Bruce Dickinson. In other words, Flavio Lino, the vocalist, sounds like Bruce. MASTER SPY, is almost like IRON MAIDEN. I got goosebumps when I first their the album. The band’s music puts heavy metal sounds in action movies,spy stories and weird science fiction. Imagine closing your eyes and thinking of your favourite James Bond movie and as the car is flying drives and leaps off part of a broken bridge. This is where MASTER SPY comes in with their tunes. It’s fun, energetic and glorious.

Now let me shine some light on this headbanging 5 track album, “The Train”. First thing that surprised me is how each song is no less that 8 minutes long. For a band that only has two releases I would think they really took a risk on having such long songs. I don’t think even IRON MAIDEN has had a whole album where every track is 8 minutes long. In my books, MASTER SPY should perhaps have some variety. . They do know what they are doing though, and I enjoyed every single song. “The Policeman”, opens the album with truimphing guitar riffs and a gorgeous guitar solo. “Operation Black Veil” sounds like battle music in an anime cartoon. It might sound strange but if you listen to it and you have seen Dragon Ball, you can picture the song as the hero transforms and the villain stares in awe knowing that his time is up. That is one scenario, the other scenario is a bus being hijacked and the main character is stirring the bus through bridges and stop lights. The drumming from Kostas is epic and Lino’s vocals are full with emotion and energy. Now let me talk about my favorite track “Cannibal Island”. Third track on this album and one that really stands out to me. The pan flute starts the song off giving a tribal feel in an amazonian setting, and the drums creating this dangerous feeling that something will happen. I absolutely love it! The song shifts into an adventure to find the lost precious tree that will give eternal life. That’s how I see it, perhaps you see some other treasure.

The last song in this album is 10 minutes long. I don’t remember hearing a song that long. I had a bit of a hard time listening to it because I thought it would never end. Although it’s still a great song. “The Train” is quite an epic song with a dramatic beginning of silence and a light noise of a car driving off into the distance. The guitar kicks in and a galloping drum. It’s a song that explains a lone travel going on a mission. The lyrics on the other hand are slightly comical suddenly speaking about alien encounters but I won’t get into that.

Overall, MASTER SPY leaves an epic imprint on the classic heavy metal world. Let’s see what they will come up with next.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Policeman
2. Operation Black Veil
3. Cannibal Island
4. Alien Encounter
5. The Train
Flavio Lino - Vocals
Merk - Songwriting, Guitar
Roman Nemtsev - Guitar
Martin Beauchamp - Bass
Kostas Vass - Drums, Keyboards
Alex VanTrue - Backing Vocals
Officer X - Solos and Guitar
Record Label: Personal Records


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Edited 01 December 2022

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