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Master - The New Elite Award winner

The New Elite
by Melissa Grubbs at 16 July 2012, 9:07 PM

There have been quite a few metal bands that have survived the test of time but do not have the appreciation they deserve and Master is definitely one. Formed originally in Chicago (they are now in Czech Republic), they have been making death metal since 1983 a few years before Possessed or Death and impressingly enough they are still going strong today. Master started out slow, but in recent years they have been averaging a new album every other year. “The New Elite” is their eleventh full length album and they show no signs of slowing down.

I would suggest this thrashy death metal band to any metal fan who enjoys their music extreme. Master has accomplished with three members what many bands have been unable to do with five members. Influenced by Slayer, Venom and Motorhead, they have a very heavy thrash sound. Vocalist Paul Speckmann greatly reminds me of Tom Warrior, the vocalist of Celtic Frost. Master has also greatly matured with age, unlike many death metal bands. In this respect, I would compare Master to Death. Just like Chuck Shuldiner and company greatly evolved from “Scream Bloody Gore”, so has Master from their debut release. Master's lyrics definitely show the thrashy pissed off side with themes of politics, death and religion. A great example of this is from Smile As You're Told, “Commanders are just put in place, the soldiers are easily blamed. The governments feed the machine as taxpayers simply complain.”

I absolutely loved “The New Elite”. My one and only complaint is that it's less than 45 minutes long. Master has proved themselves as an honest death metal band and this album is well produced and polished. If I had to sum up Master in one thought, it would be this: Sepultura if they were a death metal band. I recommend this CD to fans of Cancer, Obituary and Massacre. For those of us in North America we will have to wait until August 14th to get this album. Once you do, you may discover an aggression you never knew you had.

4 Star Rating

1. The New Elite
2. Rise Up And Fight
3. Remove The Knife
4. Smile As You're Told
5. Redirect The Evil
6. Out Of Control
7. As Two Worlds Collide
8. New Reforms
9. Guide Yourself
10. Souls Of Dissuade
11. Twist Of Fate
Paul Speckmann - Vocals, Bass
Alex Nejezchleba - Guitar
Zdenek Pradlovsky - Drums
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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