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Master - Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier
by Daniel Silva at 27 May 2013, 1:56 PM

There wasn’t much information I could find about this album but from what I could gather "Unknown Soldier" (a.k.a The Unreleased 1985 Album), is a reissue of MASTER’s unreleased debut album that came out back in 2003 through From Beyond Records and is now being reissued with new cover and booklet, rare old pictures and liner notes by Paul Speckmann.

This release sound a lot like early KREATOR and SODOM having that early Teutonic Thrash quality to it, short and aggressive songs with thunderous bass, chaotic guitars and fast-paced drumming, but what sets it apart from Thrash Metal and makes it a Death Metal release is Speckmann’s use of the lower register of his voice, which makes him sound like a beast coming straight from the very deeps of hell. Had this album been released on its original year MASTER would have been listed among POSSESSED and DEATH as the ones responsible for forging Death Metal.

People that know me or that have read some of my reviews of Death Metal albums know that, with the exception of a few bands, I have never been a big fan of this genre but, having said that, I can say that I have really enjoyed listening to this MASTER record.

3 Star Rating

1. Master
2. Unknown Soldier
3. Mangled Dehumanisation
4. Funeral Bitch
5. Terrorizer
6. Pledge Of Alliance
7. Re-entry And Destruction
8. Constant Quarrel
9. Judgment Of Will
10. Submerged In Sin
11. Cut Through The Filth
Paul Speckmann - Bass, Vocals
Chris Mittleburn - Guitars
Bill Schmidt - Drums
Record Label: Vic Records


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