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Master - The Human Machine

The Human Machine
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 26 April 2010, 8:04 PM

MASTER is either a band you know and love or a band that means nothing at all to you. MASTER, a band whose history and origin can’t be precisely defined returns with a brand new “rotten” offering three years after the pretty good “Slaves To Society”. Are you ready for some Speckmetal?

If you ask someone who is one of the most loyal and honest Death Metal acts out there, he will probably mention MASTER. The band made its first shy steps in 1983 but after auditioning 26 (!) guitarists they split up due to lack of communication only to reform a while later and become this deadly beast! After 10 full-length albums (including “The Human Machine”), MASTER is one of the most respected Death Metal bands out there, with bands like NAPALM DEATH and more covering their songs to pay respect.

What’s new or different in order to attract your attention in “The Human Machine” you may ask. Nothing, nothing at all! The US/Czech band is still a devoted old school Death Metal machinegun that will never change! When I first listened to this album I had to face a strong wave of old school music and sound with raw Death Metal songs and a totally zombified voice. I immediately contacted our publishing director just to tell him…“I can’t review this album due to overwhelming goosebumps!”.

Speckmann and his mates deliver an all out brutal attack full of old school tunes and passionate Death Metal butchery. These guys teach how pure Death Metal should sound, fast, tight and aggressive as fuck! The fast Death/Thrash US and European influences (from AUTOPSY to VADER) and mid tempo neck breaking bombs are more than enough to keep your head going up and down for a long time.

In almost three decades of Metal life and during a period where the market is being flooded with overproduced and hyperfast and technical Death Metal, MASTER remains one of the most “true” acts out there and definitely one of the most influential Death Metal bands after DEATH. Too bad they never made it big…

4 Star Rating

  1. The Human Machine
  2. It’s What Your Country Can Do For You
  3. Twisted Truth
  4. True Color
  5. Suppress Free Thinking
  6. A Replica Of Invention
  7. Faceless Victims Expelled
  8. Worship The Sun
  9. The Lack Of Space
  10. Impale To Kill
Paul Speckmann - Vocals, Bass
Alex “93” Nejezchleba - Guitar
Zdenek Pradlovsky - Drums
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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