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Masteroid - MMXIII

by Joellen "FreshMetalGal" Patterson at 08 August 2013, 10:33 AM

The former MASTEROID….They formed in 2008. They switched from singing English to singing in Finnish in 2011. They produced two album-length demos and a split EP. They released “MMXIII” and just a little afterwards they disbanded. They were angry and confused. They shut down their website. They went with these parting words (as posted on Facebook), “Masteroid has decided to call it quits due to desperate and confused feelings that we have nothing more to give in this concept anymore. Thank you all for your kind support and see you around - all the best.”

This album was pure torture. They took up a microphone, guitars and drums and just started free-basing on massive amounts of anger. I didn’t know whether to despise the album or pity the guys for their emotional turmoil. On the plus side, if confusion, chaos and cacophony were in their souls, then this album was their soundtrack…so, um…well done, there.

The only track that gave semblance of promise was “Minä Kerään Kuonaa” (I Collect Slag, as translated by Google Translate). It began as a retrospect of 90s Grunge. Then, as in all the tracks, it devolved into an every-man-for-himself jam session and screaming – there was just so much of it!. There are times throughout the album where the listener may catch moments of Tommi Ojansivu’s ability to be melodic, such as in “Vanhan Testamentin Psykopaatti.” He is definitely shredding his vocal cords with his screams. Ouch! Stop it! Drink some tea with honey. Get some help with technique before you ruin your voice! As for musicianship amongst the guitars and drums, there may be some there. The cacophony overshadows any snatches of good riffing or drums patterns, which already whoosh by, that it was hard to lock in upon.

So, with ringing ears and a massive migraine, I bid good luck to MASTEROID as they deal with their personal demons. May they not totally give up on themselves or music? There’s something in there guys, you just have to find it.

1 Star Rating

1. Apinoista Petollisin
2. Minä Kerään Kuonaa
3. Lopun Jumalat
4. Vihan Laineet
5. Pimeys Orjuuttaa
6. Lakikivi
7. Vanhan Testamentin Psykopaatti
8. Kuumotus
Tommi Ojansivu - Vocals
Tero Pantsar - Guitar
Janne Vornanen - Bass
Ville Ristolainen – Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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