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Masters Of Disguise - Back With A Vengeance Award winner

Masters Of Disguise
Back With A Vengeance
by YngwieViking at 12 December 2013, 2:07 PM

This new band is named after the notorious SAVAGE GRACE album of 1985, this fact alongside with the cover artwork concept, starring once again the maniac patrol cop, the infamous Officer Knutson, the doubt isn’t permitted any more, is this the SAVAGE GRACE return or what?

Released in late November with a little extra delay, I was expecting this album with an non hidden excited perspective, this new band hailing from Germany was formed by the revamped SAVAGE GRACE touring band, and was indeed promising, the guys are experienced players or should I say veterans (featuring members of ABANDONED / ex-VIRON) but most important, they are all real Metalheads (all members are playing with ROXXCALIBUR) and SAVAGE GRACE die-hard fans. My high anticipations were fulfilled almost immediately, as soon as I placed the silver platter in the CD player, the sound blasting out of my B&W speakers was exactly what I hoped for, an amazing furious melt of old steel recipe with some updated Metallic ingredients in a crisp, sharp and terrific sonic splash. The whole thing started , when the famous Chris Logue (the singer / songwriter / mastermind behind the original SAVAGE GRACE), has recruited 80% of the crew member of the NWOBHM’s tribute band ROXXCALIBUR for a SAVAGE GRACE revival show at Keep It True Festival in 2010.

Finally after this successful triumphant come back, the Mohawk drummer Neudi, the efficient axemen duet Kalli Coldsmith / Roger Dequis, and bass player Mario Lang were hired for an entire European tour as a real working Band, while honoring and performing perfectly the ancient material in a coherency to the legacy, the sum of it all under the sacred moniker of SAVAGE GRACE. During that tour, they also decided, to write new songs and release them as a new SAVAGE GRACE Album then planned for 2011. But after they wrote some new songs, Chris Logue in his tradition of strange behavior, disappeared leaving the band voiceless. After a while , they decided to call back the great ROXXCALIBUR vocalist Alexx Stahl (ex-VIRON) who delivers the goods greatly , and to form a new project with the clear goal was to play in the high influential old school US Metal style of EXXPLORER / VICIOUS RUMORS / METAL CHURCH / LIEGE LORD / WILD DOGS / GRIFFIN and of course legendary SAVAGE GRACE, they even added an extra dose of the twin guitar duo flavor to it, in the worship of the NWOBHM (“Alliance” sounds like early 80’s HOLOCAUST) dotted by the Germanic density and rigor .

But please, Metal Temple followers, try to not make any confusion, as it must be obvious that MASTERS OF DISGUISE isn’t a tribute band, they are respectful to the cult and true to the musical heritable of their childhood heroes, and they are prepared in order to follow the first Musical orientation of the early tracks composed with Chris Logue, but they also filled the gap between the generations, by improving the musical heritage that SAVAGE GRACE had left Twenty five years ago, by giving a new dimension to this style and they do it with incredible brilliance and a superb self-confidence. "Back With A Vengeance" is a perfect example of how Speed Metal should sound today, reinforced with the modern standards of the recording techniques, with the feeling, the intensity and the sheer essence of real Power Metal, enhanced with a good proportion of a fresh Melodic extension, that takes their songs away from being just a nostalgic act, for me it’s very significant proof of the absolute dedication of MASTERS OF DISGUISE to that mythical identity but also about their honest approach.

”Back With a Vengeance” contains ten amazing tracks among them, eight are brand new songs composed by MASTERS OF DISGUISE, also included is a cover of an obscure SAVAGE GRACE cut “Scepters of Deceit” (featured in Metal Massacre II) and a new song composed by Chris Logue called “The Templars' Gold”, the entire album is displaying from start to the end, that renowned classic US Metal and Speed Metal sound, performed with expertise in the same breed of untarnished Steel , that the original SAVAGE GRACE is known for.

If you are old enough you already understand what I'm talking about, if you are lucky and if you never experienced that sound, well, there is a new world of Metallogy that is opening for you with this release, MASTERS OF DISGUISE had breaking the seal of the underground vault were the ancestral Metal blade was buried deeper, and now the gates of the corridors of time are waiting for you, you should put your bullet belt on, and get ready for the steel vengeance.

4 Star Rating

1. Back With A Vengeance
2. Never Surrender
3. The Omen
4. For Now And All Time (Knutson’s Return)
5. Scepters Of Deceit
6. Alliance
7. Sons Of The Doomed
8. Liar
9. Into The Unknown
10. The Templars’ Gold
Alexx Stahl – Lead Vocals
Neudi - Drums
Kalli Coldsmith - Guitar
Mario Lang - Bass
Roger Dequis – Guitar
Record Label: Limb Music


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