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Masters Of Metal - From Worlds Beyond

Masters Of Metal
From Worlds Beyond
by V.Srikar at 19 September 2015, 3:17 PM

Modern Heavy Metal offers so many combinations of sub genres that if one has the juices going within himself, one can find bands with shades of multiple sub-genres taking the music to a whole new level. With elements of Speed, Thrash, and Power Metal, LA based band brings their debut full-length album, “From Worlds Beyond”, this September 18th.

The album is a journey, as the fast paced music takes you to a different planet in the journey of the album. The album starts with “Supremacy”, which is an excellent start to the album with its fast paced guitar work and rhythmic guitar work, also giving a glimpse of the clean screaming Power Metal vocals to finish off the style. The solos are fast paced and sharp, which make them stand out even as the drums play in the background. “World Left In Cinders” gets your hair in the air, as the riffs are simply headbang-able. The songs are structured around a particular riff part and the rest of the song is made to evolve beautifully to give a full meaningful structure. The album cover art here of a psychedelic globe like structure resonates greatly with the next song “Third Eye”, as the song blasts away into your ears with the groovy riffs, with the small mid-tempo parts. The album maintains the intensity and freshness through the middle of the album with songs like “Tomb of Ra” bringing variety of song structures and interesting solos. The album even gets slightly heavier with Death Metal styled riffs in “The Mindless”, still managing to keep the original sound of the band. “M.K. Ultra” has a biker anthem song feel to it, as the vocals here are mellower and take a step back. “Into The Vortex” is an anthemic motivational type of song, which works just fine. As the band begins to end the album, sadly the band tries too much experimentation with the last 2 songs leaving a bad taste in your mouth, in an otherwise great album.

MASTERS OF METAL is a side project of the legends from AGENT STEEL, and one can clearly find the maturity in the song writing, and is an interesting album offering something fresh and worthy of the listeners time, especially for those who dig the aforementioned genres.

4 Star Rating

1. Supremacy
2. World Left In Cinders
3. Third Eye
4. Tomb of Ra
5. Eclipse
6. The Mindless
7. M.K. Ultra
8. Into The Vortex
9. Doors Beyond Our Galaxy
10. Evolution of Being
11. Vengeance & Might
Robert Cardenass - Bass
Rigo Amezcua - Drums
Bernie Versailles - Guitars, Vocals
Juan Garcia - Guitars
Record Label: Metalville Records


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